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Sky High



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Jigsaw is a British pop band fronted by Clive Scott and Des Dyer which had a string of minor hits throughout the mid and late 1970s. This song was their biggest hit, and became so unexpectedly. It was the theme song to the motion picture The Man From Hong Kong (also known as The Dragon Flies), which is a martial arts espionage film that combined elements from James Bond and Bruce Lee movies. The film was only a middling success, but the song caught on with audiences in Japan and Europe, and then became a significant hit in the United States, as well. The song spent 3 years on the Japanese chart and sold all together 13 million copies worldwide. Jigsaw had one more minor hit in the United States with "Love Fire" (#30 in 1976), and split up in 1983. (thanks, Mike - Santa Barbara, CA)
As well as being a Top 40 hit in the UK and the US, "Sky High" was a Top 10 hit in Australia, reaching #3 in the Top 40 chart in late 1975. (thanks, Graham - Windsor, Australia)
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Comments (5):

This song has the quintessential bubblegum pop song sound, and I mean that in the best way. Here they are singing about blowing something sky high, but it sounds so nice the way they do it! I've always liked the song. Here it is, 2012...heard it on the radio last night and it was still fun to listen to. The energy and rhythm of the instrumentation move the lyrics along quickly, especially the trumpeting. It puts me in mind of someone running away from a big explosion. Oh, and yep, sure does sound like a Paul McCartney & Wings tune!
- Camille, Toronto, OH
Until I discovered the clip on "Youtube" I always thought that the singer was a woman! Love the "wacka wacka" guitar effect.
- Graham, Windsor, Australia
I must say that Joshua,La Crosse,WI has a point I never really thought about it, but they do sound similar... you have a great ear!
- Christopher L., fort worth, TX
This was an English Band but the song came out when Australia was really promoting local talent so they Became Known as English Jigsaw because there was an Australian band called Jigsaw also.
- Muzza, Auckland, New Zealand
As a kid, I was somehow under the impression that Paul McCartney and Wings did this song. The two groups did kinda-sorta sound like one another.
- Joshua, La Crosse, WI
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