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Captain Sunshine by Neil Diamond

Album: MoodsReleased: 1972
  • Had this song been done by almost anyone else, it would surely be a drug song. However, from Neil Diamond it remains a cryptically haunting song about Captain Sunshine being able to "make me feel fine, when I'm wrongly down" and who "makes the words rhyme when the tune is sad." Who or what is the mysterious Captain Sunshine? No idea. All we know is that he "walks so pure between the earth and the sea." Definitely a very spiritual song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kelley - Hickory, KY
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Comments: 3

Love this song even before I knew what it was about. Listen to it.Barbara - Columbus, Ohio
This song was written about Vince Charles who played percussion in Neil's band for 25 years. He was a close friend of Neil's and he had the ability to get him to relax.
Mr. Charles passed away as a young man of 55 years in 1991.
Wyatt - Vancouver, Bc
What a great song by Neil Diamond! It always reminds me of my father.Coy - Palestine, Tx
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