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Story of My Life by Social Distortion

Album: Social DistortionReleased: 1990
  • This song describes a love interest the singer had as a teenager that he never really acted upon and years later he's looking back wistfully on how things from this childhood have changed and how quickly his life (and the opportunity) has passed him by.
  • The song never reached any of the major charts, but has been used in several movies such as Reality Bites, Orange County and Life or Something Like It. It is considered one of the band's most well known and loved songs by fans.
  • This was included on Social Distortion's 1998 album Live at the Roxy.
  • A cover version of this song is playable on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jeff - Austin, TX, for all above
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Comments: 5

Oddly enough, this song was also featured in the Vince Vaughn-Jennifer Anniston movie, The Breakup. I seem to remember hearing the Vince Vaughn loves the song and got it into the movie, but I can't source it so I may just be creating that story in my head out of snippets of other stories (which is what happens to us all after a certain age).Ken - Philadelphia, Pa
This is a nice song. I think I've heard it before, but I like it. 7/10Ivy - Springfield, Ne
i actually just found this band from my older brother danny, man i love him.But i love this song alot cause its amazing. My favorite song from them is shes a knockout. Its just freiken amazing.Sara - Kenosha, United Kingdom
The guitar hero 3 version is by Social Distortion but not it's the original version from the Social Distortion album (1990). They re-recorded it for their greatest hits album which is the version used on guitar hero 3. Great Song!Marc - Prior Lake, Mn
Some friends of mine did this song for their wedding. Cool song. I love Social D.Kimberly - New Braunfels, Tx
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