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Thinking of You by Katy Perry

Album: One of the BoysReleased: 2008Charted:
  • In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Perry said that this song and "I'm Still Breathing" were about the same ex-boyfriend. She added "Ur So Gay" and "Mannequin" were about different exes.
  • This acoustic ode was produced by Butch Walker ("Fall For You", "When You're Gone").
  • Perry told Inthenews.co.uk that this song gets the best response at her live shows and it even reduces some fans to tears. She explained: "People do get emotional when they hear that song, because I think a lot of people go through that stuff so it hits them where they remember it happening to them. And it's just me with my guitar, rather than all the pyro and the dancers and the glitter, and I enjoy taking advantage of that, but sometimes it's nice to be able to take all that away and just do what I was put here to do."
  • When this reached the Top 40 of the Hot 100, Perry became the first female artist signed to Capitol Records to have three top 40 hits from an album since Bonnie Raitt's Lick of the Draw in 1991-1992.
  • In her London Live special, Perry said that this was a very personal song. "When I was starting out at these open mic nights, it was just me and my acoustic guitar, and that's how I wrote the song," she said. "It shows off that side, it's not an in-the-club throbbing song. I feel like I need that organic, homegrown musicianship to feel like I have substance to go with the bells and whistles."
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Comments: 8

Guys, she didn't move on with her intention... She wasn't even cheating. The soldier guy was her first/previous and he wanted her to move on cus he knew the distance and seldom meeting was gonna be an issue... or the fact itself, that he was gonna die in war cus he knew a close war was coming soon.. that's why she says "you said move on, where do I go" "how do I get better once I've had the best"
You can notice in the video how that guy looks back at her and walks away, that was his last time, even after the party/dancing, you can clearly notice how emotional they were.. and he looks back at her one last time and smiles in pain, I have to admit, that acting was brilliant, it was nicely done, how could you not figure out that he was the one who was urging her to move on?? that's why she at last says "no more mistakes" cus she believes what she did was a mistake.
Chad - Malaysia
Excuse me for saying this but Theresa your so stupid What are you deaf Perry kicks ASS!Hayley - Not Tellin, Hi
This is a great song but Katy's voice sounds horrible.Theresa - Murfreesboro, Tn
the music video is really really sadJeana - Sterling Heights, Mi
I like this Katy song waaayyy more than the rest. She is actually really good when she is singing sad songs.Tayluur - Binghamton, Ny
surprisingly i do feel this way about someone right now...if only he heard this song and knew why it gets me emotional and chocked up and i want him to hear it so badJeana - Sterling Heights, Mi
this is my way of defining the song

whether it was casual dating or serious romantic relationship it was broken off...the girl moves on because she thinks she's fine with going off with someone else but she keeps thinking about the guy...and she wants it all back...
Jeana - Sterling Heights, Mi
this is the most amazing song i've ever heard...might be one of my favorites...reminds me of the first unofficial guy after my exJeana - Sterling Heights, Mi
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