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Amoureuse by Kiki Dee

Album: Loving & FreeReleased: 1973Charted:
  • The title of this song means literally "in love"; it was composed by French singer-songwriter Véronique Sanson. Originally the title track of her acclaimed 1972 album, a faithful English lyric was produced by Elton John collaborator Gary Osbourne, and the single, backed by "Rest My Head" was released on the Rocket Label by Kiki Dee in 1973. (thanks, Alexander Baron - London, England)
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Comments: 3

Hauntingly beautiful.Shaun - Warrington, United Kingdom
The English lyric concerns a woman's first experience - but not the French. The French lyric is about a woman deeply in love (a forbidden love) but who fears that it will not last (Et je me demande si cet amour aura un lendemain
= I wonder if this love will have a tomorrow).
Michael - Bradford, England
A beautiful song about a woman's first sexual experience.Zabadak - London, England
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