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A Dustland Fairytale by The Killers

Album: Day & AgeReleased: 2008
  • Frontman Brandon Flowers told Rolling Stone magazine that this song, "started off just kind of ripping off (Velvet Underground's) "Waiting for the Man." I guess it's the most like Sam's Town on the album."
  • Flowers explained to Rolling Stone that this is "specifically about my mom and dad." This song tells the story of how Flowers' mother and father met when they were both aged 15 and living on the same trailer park.
  • Flowers told The Quietus why he wrote a song about his mom and dad. He explained: "It's an attempt to come to grips with the fact that they're getting older. I'm quite young for them - I was a mistake, heh heh. They're in their mid Sixties, and my dad is my connection to…the pure America. Yes, I pray every day. It's like a love letter I guess. I see what's happening now with the kids, and…it was just simpler back then. There's so much junk now."
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Comments: 5

This is by far, my favorite song of theirs.Barb - Philadelphia, Pa
its lovely that Brandon wrote this song about his parents, and it's great to see that the 'fame game' hasn't gone to there heads too :) Also, if he was a mistake, it was very lucky (lol) because there would be no Killers without him...gorgeous song guys, i love all your workParis - Cardiff, United Kingdom
Gorgeous ballad! Brandon Flowers knows how to convey emotion through his unique lyrics.Theresa - Murfreesboro, Tn
I love this one too. I find it quite haunting though despite the fact that it speeds up.Maxine - Leeds, United Kingdom
This song is very beautiful. Love everything about it.Kylie - Ventura, Ca
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