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Sour Girl by Stone Temple Pilots

Album: No. 4Released: 1999Charted:
  • Scott Weiland wrote the lyric about his first wife, Janina Castaneda. They got married in 1994, just as Stone Temple Pilots were becoming one of the biggest bands in America. Weiland admitted that he put her through hell with his capricious behavior that stemmed from his addictions.

    When he wrote the song, the couple in the midst of a divorce, which was finalized in 2000. In this song, Weiland sings about how she will soon be free of him, "a happy girl the day that she left me." In his memoir, Weiland wrote, "She had finally rid her life of a man who had never been faithful."
  • In the line, "I pay the ransom note to stop it from steaming," the ransom note is Weiland's divorce settlement, which he said "took forever and cost me a fortune."
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was a huge fan of the band, played the female lead in the video. At the time, Gellar was a rising star thanks to her TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her movies Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer.
  • The trippy video was directed by David Slade, whose work includes episodes of Hannibal and the movie The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

    The clip features little people in costumes that look like the Teletubbies, which were big at the time. The band claimed this was a coincidence, and that the creatures are based on a dream Weiland had.
  • Many listeners thought this song was about Scott Weiland's girlfriend at the time, Mary Forsberg, whom he would later marry.
  • This was the most successful single from the group's fourth album, No. 4. With a soft, innocent sound, "Sour Girl" was a departure from the grunge style STP was known for.

    The album was released at a tumultuous time for the band: Scott Weiland had released a solo album the previous year, and his bandmates had formed an offshoot called Talk Show. Weiland was in the throes of addiction, and shortly before the album was released, he was sentenced to jail time for violating his parole (he was convicted of heroin possession the previous year). This killed plans for a tour and made it impossible to support the album, which suffered in sales as a result.
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Comments: 26

This is one of my favorite songs, music videos from one of my favorite albums of all time. I always interpreted the song being about him taking responsibility for being a dick trying to make amends by letting her go while still saying you already been a sour before meeting me so it wasn't all me. Great 60s vibe. i was dissapointed by their next album as it was horrible and not written by Scott.James Gibbs - Nyc
I love this song. Plus the video with Sarah Michelle-Geller is great. She looks great as the dark wicthy girl in the video..Jim - Long Beach, Ca
I was seeing a girl named Cheryl when this came out.It was an affair type thing. Awesome song. ChipChip - Stratford, Ct
Wow, i cant believe thats what its about. I never knew, and i always thought in my head when i listened to this song, what would she do if i followed her, cause i put her through hell as well.Justin - St. Louis, Mo
I love No. 4 Its just like all the other albums to me...imean common Glide and Atlanta are one of my fav. STP hitsKermsit - Plainfield, Il
No.4 was a very underated album in my opinion; granted its not as grungy as stp's earlier stuff, but some beautiful songs were made for this album.Liam - Windsor, Ca
One of the most beautiful STP songs ever. I heard this song right after I lost my virginity lolKari - Tempe, Az
whats that guy talking about sayin this song wasnt liked, this songs sick, i dont think any STP fans were dissapointed by this amazing tune, every great rock band makes ballads hahahaAdrian - Kingston, Canada
True fans know that an artist must grow & change. If not, both artist & fan will stay stuck in their immaturity. I love this song! 1 of their best. It brings tears 2 my eyes! I knew it was about Scott's marital woes, but 4 me it's about the day I leave my parents. & 4 those who put down addicts, I was like you until I fell in love w/ 1. You never know who God will make you fall in love with, in order 2 teach you a valuable life lesson. Remember this.Robyn - Philadelphia, Pa
I enjoy listening to STP because they can change their style. They do not make the same music all the time. A quality rarely found in todays artists.John - Pyeongtaek, Korea - South
This is a great song! If you listen to the beginning guitar part it really sounds like the guitar parts in Black Hole Sun by SoundgardenVince - San Francisco, Ca
I thought the song is great. It's one of my favs. But No.4 is my least favorite album.Spog Zallagi - Blue Hill, Me
Yep! Getting dumped really blows.Guilliermo - New York, Ny
If you truly like STP you can enjoy each of their albums in different settings or moods. Critics or anyone else with an opinion give you their interpretation. Music is not hard science. There is no right answer. Listen to Spears if you truly like it. No.4 is great(in my opinion)!Andy - Portland, Me
i love this song so much its the best stp song.Chris - Edmonton, Canada
The "EX" this is written for is a lady named Janina Castaneda. I'm glad she got away from this druggie!Yen - Colorful, Co
No. 4 was hailed and praised a lot more than it was ever condemned and for the few fans they lost with their break away from grunge (which they actually did with "Tiny Music") they gain new fans and brought a fresh sound to their older following. At the time of its release, Rock was in a downward spiral and there were very few bands pulling their weight. This album was hailed by many as one of the (if not the lone) saviors of modern Rock. For those that never picked it up because you thought that it was too "lite" based off of hearing just "Sour Girl", you couldn't be more wrong. By the way, "Sour Girl" wasn't the first single off of the album, "Heaven and Hot Rods" was and it wasn't a "soft" song in the least.Eric - Fort Worth, Tx
I saw these guys during their heydey, and Weiland tipped his hat to Zep during the concert with a version of "Dancing Days," and owned STP's debt to them (DUH!) so Zep analogies are profoundly correct. Anyone can like what album strikes them as best.Tim - Wertewteg, Al
The Santa Cruz Mike is the one I am talking about. He's homoerotic.Nathan - Memphis, Tn
I really love the stone's No. 4 album! I love the sourgirl song too! I think its greatBrittany - Richmond, Ky
I agree with pete, this is actually a great album and is totally undreatedAndrew - Vancouver, Canada
Off the topic but I just had to say this' After all the accusations of David Coverdale 'ripping off' Led Zeppelin in his group, Whitesnake, skeptics continued to raise their eyebrows when founding Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page united with Coverdale during the early '90s in the super group, Coverdale Page. Although the collaboration was a fleeting one, it did spawn an album (which unsurprisingly, was very Zep-derivative), and a smattering of live dates.Mark - Charlotte, Nc
Most STP fans I know were actually very happy with No.4,It was alot heavier then their third album "Tiny Music..Songs from the vatican gift shop" which was pretty much a jazzy like experiment. Most critics even hailed No.4 as a more fitting album for what STP was known for, I mean "Down" is heavier than anything they ever did on any album. So Adrian..I DISAGREE (pulls away in car)Pete - Providence, Ri
Yeah, dont listen to that Mike, he makes the rest of us look bad. Im sure he is thinking of Dean Deleo. Dean actually looks pretty freaking close to Jim Morrison. To the compaison of Zeppelin, I would eat you if I could, youre an idiot and obviously not a music intillectual since that was a stupid thing to say. Please die.Mike - Mckinney, Tx
What picture did you see where he looked like Jim Morrison? I cant even think of 1 similarity between the 2, neyond the drug use.... You;re cracked.Tessa - Ottawa, Canada
STP are as much Zeppelin clones as DAvid Coverdale is a Plant ripp-off. "Sex Type thing" sounds like "In the Light". "Interstate love song" sounds like "Travelling riverside blues" ( wich they stole from Robert Johnson. And Sour Girl sounds like spanish radio, it woul make more sense if he sung it in spanish. The last photos I saw of Scott Wieland, he looked like Jim Morrison, I'm waiting for STP's Wieland Hotel.Mike - Santa Cruz, Ca
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