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Use Somebody


Kings of Leon

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Frontman Caleb Followill wrote this song about longing for somebody to have a cuddle with while feeling lonely on the road. He said on his band's website: "It's about being far from home."
Caleb told Uncut magazine October 2008 the story of the song: "The meat of song was written on tour. When I came up with 'I could use somebody,' I didn't know if I was talking about a person or home or God. I felt immediately that it was a big song, and it scared me away. Then, when we were writing the record, Matthew kept sayin', 'What's that song, man?', and I acted like I didn't know what he was talking about. Then, finally, I went, 'All right, we'll do it,' and as soon as we started playin' it, the producers looked up and said, 'Whoa, that's a good song.' I was like, 'OK.'"
Aided by an performance of this song on the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, Kings of Leon jumped from #52 to #19 on the June 20, 2009 Hot 100 chart, giving the rock quartet their first top 40 hit.
English singer-songwriter Pixie Lott charted in the 2009 UK singles chart with her cover of this song, due to it being a b-side to her #1 single "Mama Do"
This topped the Pop Songs/Mainstream Top 40, Alternative Songs Triple A and Adult Top 40 charts. It was the first song to top all four airplay tallies since Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" in 2004-05.
Caleb's model girlfriend Lily Aldridge makes a cameo appearance in the song's music video.
This song won three awards at the 2010 Grammies: Record of the Year, Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals.
Only By The Night was the first ever album to sell a quarter of a million digital copies in the UK.
Caleb wrote this song as an apology to his bandmates after a drunken fight. He came up with the tune by speeding up Joe Cocker's Oscar-winning theme song to 1983 movie An Officer and a Gentleman during a soundcheck in Scotland. He said about this song (quoted in Q magazine): "It's got the exact same chords as Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes' 'Up Where We Belong.' It was so immediate that I thought it was terrible. I thought it was a pop song."
Kings of Leon
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Comments (20):

I love this song and band Went to go see them in Austin Tx they were the s--t wish i was able to meet them im a Singer myself been Singing ever Since i was 8yrs old and im 17yrs old now wish i was Famous like them :(
- kathy, Mission, TX
i completely agree with Matt, Houston, TX and with Camille, Toronto, OH..his voice is soooo passionate and i just have to post a comment to knockout the last comment cause of its negativity...he is NOT off-tune..its the bands of the best bands out there!!
- Jessica, Gaithersburg, MD
I don't mind the song itself, but the singer has one of the most annoying voices on the radio right now. He's also off-key virtually every time he sings the title.
- Staley, Dallas, TX
i think this song is about someone who needs somebody in his life because maybe he is lonely...
- stephanie, new castle, PA
This song is about looking for someone to comfort you. Someone that'll be there for you
- Jesse, New Castle, PA
This is about needing someone else to notice you so you feel accomplished.
- Steve, New Castle, PA
really good song,great lyrics.
- Stephanie, New Castle, PA
it talks about going through life without any one by his side and in the song he wants someone like you but no one shows up
- tim, new castle, PA
This is one of the sexiest sounding vocals in a song ever. The passionate longing in the singer's voice, the way he emphasises words like "USE somebody" and "MAKE you notice" sounds so...well, yummy!
- Camille, Toronto, OH
When I get married I plan on using these words on my invitations " You know that I could use somebody, somebody like you and all you know and how you speak countless lovers under cover of the street. You know that I could use use somebody. You know that I could use somebody. Someone like you." I think these are such beautiful lyrics. And to feel that way about another person is just so amazing. Also I love K.O.L they are such a great band. I saw them live back a couple weeks ago in Mansfield Mass. They totally Rocked!
- Nicole, Plymouth, MA
not to contradict but... its also a metaphor for being up on stage looking down at an audience. u can see it in the video
- Cody, Girard, PA
I've been roaming around always looking down at all I see.

A metaphor for always being high lol.

Good song though.
- Wolfgang, Hawthorne, CA
this song explains the longing for someone to hold close who is better in everyway than the people around us..someone for away and amazingly me
- sofia, Bangkok, Thailand
this is a great song im not much for modern music but this is good
- erik, galesberg, Australia
I kick myself for not writing this masterpiece. awesome song, awesome album. nuff said
- Matt, Houston, TX
This is my favorite song at the moment. It perfectly sums up my life right now.
- Alayna, Somewhere, NJ
excellent song. excellenter album
- Adam, Cork, Ireland
friend, eh? ;) best concert of my life. and the Kings were good, too.
- Kelly, Austin, TX
Reminds me of my favorite friend when I'm missing her. Saw them in Austin, TX on 10-24-08. AWESOME band!
- JD, Austin, TX
This is the fave on this album. Great track.
- Donna, Edinburgh, Scotland
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