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Velvet Green by Jethro Tull

Album: Songs from the WoodReleased: 1977
  • This medieval-sounding folkish song is about a romp in the English countryside. The song is filled with sexual innuendo: "Never a care with your legs in the air," "Won't you have my company, yes, take it in your hand," "A young girl's fancy and an old maid's dream." There's also a concern about pregnancy: "August's rare delight may be april's fool," as August-April is 9 months, but not enough concern to stop him: "But think not of that my love, I'm tight against the seam." In the end, they sleep together after sex but he ditches her during the night: "We'll dream as lovers underneath the stars, of civilizations raging afar. Then the ragged dawn breaks on your battle scars, as you walk home cold alone upon velvet green." >>
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    Kevin - Jacksonville, FL
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Comments: 6

It's as if being part of a midevil carnival,completely seperates you from the present. GREAT STUFF!! Jason,wis.Jason - Neosho, Wi
John Glascock got as much recognition as John Deacon on Queen's stuff...just thinkin'...Joe - Grants Pass, Or
I have to say "Vevlvet Green" is my fav, but Priboch (cap in hand) comes in as a close second....Joe - Grants Pass, Or
This is truly the finest album of all time, nothing else can compare. Each and every song takes you to another place mentally.Jen - Salt Lake City, Ut
Songs from the Woods is bar none, Tull's finest album. It will rock your pagan soul. Thematically speaking, Songs is flawless and powerful. Complex arrangements and instrumentation will ensure you will never get bored.Tim - Clarkdale, Az
This is such a cool song, especially the instrumental bridge in the middle. I loved the album, Songs From the Wood, where this comes from.Tom - Marble Falls, Ar
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