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Mama, I'm Coming Home


Ozzy Osbourne

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This is about Ozzy's wife, Sharon. They met when her father, Don Arden, was managing Black Sabbath. After they married, Sharon bought out Ozzy's contract and became his manager. She runs the Ozzfest.
In the liner notes for The Ozzman Cometh, Ozzy wrote, "I had been walking around with the melody in my head for a couple of years but never got a chance to finish it until I was working with Zakk on the No More Tears album. At that time Zakk and I were doing a lot of writing on the piano. 'Mama, I'm Coming Home' was always something I'd say on the phone to my wife near the end of a tour." (thanks, Matthew Daubert - Mequon, WI)
Ozzy gave up drugs and alcohol before recording this. He credits Sharon for the lifestyle change, and admits that he would be dead if did not turn sober.
Lemmy Kilmister from the group Motorhead wrote the lyrics. He helped Ozzy write many of the songs on the album.
This was a change of image for Ozzy. The album is lighter and more reflective than anything he had done before. It was his first album without a sinister title like The Ultimate Sin, Diary of a Madman, or Talk Of The Devil.
"Mama" is Ozzy's pet name for his wife. He also referred to her as "Mama" in his 1981 song "Flying High Again" and his 2001 song "Running Out of Time." (thanks, Brett - Edmonton, Canada)
Aside from "Close My Eyes Forever," a duet he did with Lita Ford in 1989, this is Ozzy's only US Top 40 hit.
Zakk Wylde has said that the guitar solo in this song is so easy, he could play it in his sleep. He means that as a compliment - he told us that some of his favorite songs (many of which are Rock classics) - are very simple structurally.
Ozzy Osbourne
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Comments (20):

Sharon is probably the worst thing to happen to metal. Despite turning Ozzy into a reality TV laughing stock, she is also infamous for screwing over the very people who are responsible for Ozzy surviving the Black Sabbath breakup. She refuses to pay Bob Daisley, who wrote the lyrics on the first four Ozzy albums, and Randy Rhoad's mom had to sue to get the money she was owed after Randy's death. She is the Yoko Ono of heavy metal.
- Josh, Detroit, MI
Ozzy IS the President and Sharon IS the First Lady of Heavy Metal! That IS NOT negotiable.
- Jason, Denver, CO
I haven't had a lot of access to Ozzy's tunes over the years. In the early 90s I was doing mornings at a CHR station when this came out. My thought was "Oh! This is how Ozzy Osbourne sings?" I liked it. Im now a huge fan of the family and Ozzy's music thanks to this song and the zany reality show they did. Sharon deserved to have a great song like this sung about her. She kept everyone moving along while battling cancer. Sharon had a knack for humor on that show too. I was always anticipating what she'd do next.
- James, Vidalia, GA
I love the song that ozzy song mama i'm coming home. that is what they played when my best friend died.. every time i lestin to it i cry..............
- Jessica, Wapanucka, OK
i think this song is one of the songs that makes one major hit and then everyone still likes it after all that time... i think he wants to say that he will come home no matter what his mom did even if she lied that song had alot of meaning to it... specially for him
- cristina, long beach, CA
hey there yeah im a really big ozzy fan. i have just about all of his cds. ozzy if ur listening u rock dude. YEAH!
- jackie, lowell, IN
aweosme song, ozzy has a very errie kind of voice, but can make it so soft. Great guitar playing by Zakk Wylde
- Spencer, McBride, Canada
i think the guitar in this is used in the weird al song "the night santa went crazy"
- Rick, humboldt, IA
If I remember correctly, "No More Tears" was originally supposed to be Ozzy's final album (he was planning to retire as a recording artist), and so this song also was meant as a sort of farewell. Obviously he later reconsidered, even dubbing his comeback tour the "Retirement Sucks" tour.
- Joshua, Twin Cities, MN
i love this song...i belive the solo has a lot of power to it..i think zak wildde is ozzy's best guitarist with the exeption of Rhandy Rhodes. this is how i like ozzy singing what he feels instead of satanic messages (thats still cool but i like the softer ozzy songs like see you on the other side, in my life (cover), dreamer, goodbye to romance, changes, and this of cource. this song has a lot of meaning and to be honest i thought it was a break-up song and that he was goin visit his mothers grave or somthing...but i think that the songs he writes about sharon are the best.
- Jeff, Sothington, CT
"A lot of people think the song is about my Mum, but it's actually about Sharon".
- Ozzy

Mama is also his nick-name for Sharon
- Ravyn, Hell, NY
altin is next guitarist after zack
- altin, kathmandu, AL
I have thought that the song is about one soldier coming back after the war, and feels regretful for his time in battlefield....
so funny....
- mai trang, Helsinki, France
I love this song, it makes me sad...but so great
- Shana, Pembroke, Canada
ozzy osbourne is awesome. even though he did all those drugs when he was younger.. he's still an awesome person!!!!
- brittny, baton rouge, LA
Speak of The Devil is what the record is called in the US. Talk of the Devil is what the record is called in the UK. Ozzy was so emotional when Randy Rhodes died he just put out a bogus record to make the reocrders happy. He soon took the album off the shelves.
- Jess, Stephentown, NY
its speak of the devil not talk of the devil
- jason, wylie, TX
Ozzy would sing to to Sharon, I think on the phone, when he was away on tour
- Joseph, Manteca, CA
this song has a lot of meaning for me... the lyrics are so powerful and the tune itself is beautiful. a real personal fav' and one of Ozzy's best.
- Terri Lynn, Heart's Desire, Canada
Ozzys best. No doubt
- chris, Hamilton, New Zealand
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