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National Talk Like A Pirate Day by Lambchop

Album: Oh (Ohio)Released: 2008
  • Lambchop mainman Kurt Wagner explained to The Village Voice that this song came about as a result of a phone call. Said Wagner: "I'm writing a line about something else and my wife calls on the phone telling me it's National Talk Like A Pirate Day, I go, 'Oh, okay.' And suddenly that leads to me thinking about my wife. Then next thing I know I'm looking at a picture of her, and she's in her pajamas, she's got a record player. You know, there's a hockey game in the little picture and I start describing the picture. So the song started out as some sort of folk song, you know, and then next thing you know it becomes something else, but it was all because of what happened in the process of writing it: the phone rang."
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