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No More Tears by Ozzy Osbourne

Album: No More TearsReleased: 1991Charted:
  • A very macabre song about a stalker who torments women in a red-light district, this song was written by Osbourne along with his guitarist Zakk Wylde, drummer Randy Castillo, bass player Mike Inez and producer John Purdell. Wylde told us how it came together: "We were just messing around in rehearsals. Mike started jamming that on the bass, then Randy started playing drums, and then John started doing that keyboard bit."
  • No More Tears was the first album Ozzy recorded while he was sober. This was a big change for him, since he had done drugs and alcohol for over 20 years. He became a family man, and was even rumored to exercise from time to time.
  • This was the first single from the album. Unlike previous Ozzy albums, it did not have a demonic title and cover art. Ozzy is pictured on the cover with angel wings.
  • Ozzy called the subsequent tour "No More Tours," and said it would be his last. After it ended, he got bored and decided to tour some more, calling his next one the "Retirement Sucks Tour."
  • Future Alice in Chains bassist Mike Inez is credited as a writer for this song. Although longtime Ozzy Osbourne bassist Bob Daisley played on the song, the intro bass riff was composed by Inez, who also performed in the album's videos and promotional tours
  • The No More Tears album was digitally remastered and re-released in 2002.
  • "No More Tears" once saved the life of a Sabbath-loving autistic eight-year-old boy. Joshua Robb ran into the San Bernardino Mountains of California to escape allegedly abusive parents, and he was found walking toward rescuers 24 hours later, after police blasted this song from speakers.
  • This song also can be heard being played in the Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky during the final battle scene where Osbourne appears.
  • Bob Daisley played bass on this track. He was the lyricist for Ozzy's first three solo albums, but on the third - Bark at the Moon - he was uncredited because of an agreement where he took a buyout. In our interview with Daisley, he talked about his work on this song: "I had a hand in the musical side of that. When it came to lyrics, I was going to write the lyrics, but I said, 'Well, I don't want to do a buyout this time. I'd rather get my songwriting credits and maybe put it through the publishing company.' That's when I was asked to go home."
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Comments: 39

The line "Going forward in reverse" is a Satanic allusion a la Mr. Crowley. The lyrics describe ritual sacrifice.Aleister - Satan's Door
I don't know who wrote these lyrics, but you can believe it wasn't Ozzy. Great song.Jodie - Xx
I think the stalker bit is probably right, but I don't think he's stalking hookers, he was stalking someone he felt something for and realized he can't have her. The man probably has multiple personalities, Dr. Jekyl Mr. Hyde. he sees a stranger when he looks in the mirror. the man around the corner is himself. Going forward in reverse may have something to do with some regression therapy to move forward with his life, you have to go through hell before you get to heaven. Falling from grace back towards earth. I recently had an experience that makes me think these things, and one of my best friends has said I'm the reincarnation of Ozzy for years, although the real truth can never be truly seen.Josh - Us
I am only 16 years old and yet I rather listen to Ozzy Osbourne instead of rap and hip hop. His music is like, soo amazing.Autumn - Clinton, Tn
I was a mere 25 years old when this came out. Was played a lot on radio and on MTV's Headbangers Ball. I always liked the song . I always knew it was about a serial killer or a guy stalking and murdering some poor girl. Ozzy looks great in this Clip ,damn I forgot how hot Zakk Wylde looks. WOW!Lisa - East Tn. , Tn
The comment about giving up drugs was interesting. Maybe that is what he means with those lyrics. I was told the lyrics meant necromancy, but my interpretation is that he was hurt by a woman he loved, and now he's going to kill her.Crayola - Knoxville, Tn
In my opinion this could be a life in the day of a killer and prey however, I feel it could also speak more metaphorically about the life choices of a runaway girl that leads her down a path of drugs and meaningless sex that leaves hardened and cold hence no more tears.Tony Hess - Beachwood, Nj
actually thats not true. many people think that is kelly but its really not. and i didnt know tht he wrote it because his daughter was abducted. which daughter? jessica, aimme, or kelly?James - Avon, Ma
Reminds me of Randall Flag from The Stand.
"The man in the dark plans another attack"
But i guess Jack the Ripper/Springheel Jack works too.
Zephyr - Olympia, United Kingdom
And if you want to play the Ripper card, that works I guess, because he killed hookers, not strippers. Due to the nature of his crimes though, I don't see him having any remorse, so I don't see how tears come into the equation.Karl - Trona, Ca
Listen to the lyrics. It's about a disturbed patron killing a prostitute. The line about the red light going on is the clue. It's actually kind of sad and sick at the same time. Great, great song, one of the best riffs/solos ever.Karl - Trona, Ca
its about a serial killer the lines a levee of tears to find out she wont be coming back and no more tears is him telling him self there's no point in crying he mentions kissing her cold lips (which means shes dead but cant leave her) and look in the mirror and tell me if you think your life's in danger is him warning and your mama told you not to talk to strangers is like "didn't your mom tell you not to pick up hitch hikers"Alex - Blythe, Ca
My interpretation of the song is that it's about somebody who is profoundly mentally ill, probably with multiple personalities(look in the mirror, do you think your life's in danger?). The lyrics seem to be about either committing a heinous crime, and either being committed to the psych ward, or prison. At least that's what I gather from the first portion of the song. Then with the last part, I can see the connection to the Jack the Ripper/stripper killer meaning.Ben - Milwaukee, Wi
zakk wylde is a fricking beast.Greg - Slidell, La
ozzy didnt return because he got bored. he was diagnosed with a form of cancer or something so he stopped touring. he then found that he would be fine so he came back to the stageKyle - Oregon, Oh
I wouldn't describe this as a comforting song, I would describe it more as a "I told you so" song, with the lyric "your mama told you that you're not supposed to talk to strangers"Robert - Atlanta, Ga
This is a good sond to play in the dark.David - Ashland City, Tn
"Over The Mountain", "Flying High Again", and even "Crazy Train", still exist ! - and you think "No More Tears" is Ozzy's best song ?Tom - Nyc, Ny
you know why he wrote this song? his daughter was abducted by a man, he found him the day after and beat him to a pulp poor ozzy :(Weirdo - Temple, Ok
Think "Jack the Ripper". Jack the Ripper terrorized London in the late 1800's by killing prostitutes. He was never caught.Mick - Las Vegas, Nv
I like this because it is like watching a horror movie (a good one), but in song form.Jessica - Holt, Mi
The girl in the video who is in the water is Mariah O'brian. i was the lead diver on that video. put all the camera guys on hooka and scuba set-ups.Eric - Redlands, Ca
This song has the best bass intro I've ever heard! I want to cover it at school one timeAlex - Adelaide, Australia
Probably one of his best songs, although Zakk once said, I'm not sure if it's true or not, that this song is rather hard to play live, due to that awesome bridge in the middle.Amay - Edison, Nj
This is Ozzy's best song, best album. The man at the pinnacle of his career. (not counting his Black Sabbath run)Steph - Ottawa, Canada
Zakk Wydle, ozzy's longest lasting guitarist next to Tony Iommi, has spoken of how this song came out on one take. they wrote it in a barn after Zakk had played the verse riff and Ozzy said the first lines "A light in the window is a crack in the sky" they went on from there. the version that Zakk had in mind is on the Black Label Society album "Sonic Brew"Dan - Santa Clarita, Ca
i always assumed the "no more tears" thing meant how he was getting over randy rhoads death, because he had been in serious depression for a long time, and it seemed like "no more tears" was a way of him saying "ok enough grieving i have to record music"
but i guess a serial killer is good too
Josh - New York, Ny
Actually, its about a guy who stalks, rapes and kills strippers.Ravyn - Hell, Ny
Mr Tinker Train is about the child molester. No More Tears is about a serial killer and the urges and his need to kill and his love of delivering death.. sicko..lol I agree with a earlier post that he is being sarcastic when he says ''your mama told you that your not suppose to talk to strangers''
Ozzy Rocks!!
Hope - Big Bear, Ca
This song is not about molesting children. The song that you guys are probably thinking about is Mr. Tinkertrain, which is from the same album.Abe - La Crosse, Wi
This song has the best guitar solo on it, from the awesome Zakk WyldeLuke - Manchester, England
A lot of people think the song is about a child moletor because of the line "Your Mama told you that you're not supposed to talk to strangers." Personally, I tihnk it's just a bit of sarcasm and cruel irony, like saying "Remeber how annoying it was when your mom told you to be careful? You should have listened."Lacy - Yukon, Ok
The song is about a serial killer who kills and rapes strippers, not children.Matt - Lethbridge, Canada
i thought it was a child molester/killerJason - Wylie, Tx
Ya the song is about a serial killer. Great song, Zakk Wylde rules.Brian - Paoli, In
That the album "No More Tears" was originally going to be called "Say Hello To Heaven".Terry - Belleville, Canada
The little girl at the end of the video is a young Kelly Osbourne.Steph - San Antonio, Tx
I thought it was about a child raping cerial killer... that was the point behind the no more tears... and the girl in the video...

who knows
Josh - Sunbury, Pa
The song no more tears, is actually about a serial killer.Matt - Kansas City, Mo
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