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Underneath the Concrete by Secret Machines

Album: Secret MachinesReleased: 2008
  • Frontman Brandon Curtis told The Music Slut about the inspiration for this song: "After my friend, Susan, moved to New York she got a temp job working in the financial district. One day after leaving work, while going down into the subway, she was pushed down the stairs to the landing. As the fellow was snatching her purse from her, the other people walking into the station just walked around her like she wasn't there."
  • Drummer Josh Garza told Jambands.com: "'Underneath the Concrete' was a song that barely made the record. We weren't sure if that was the kind of song we wanted on the record, but it really just depends on where you put the song. It was on the back end but you move it forward and it works there. If you fast-forward three records from now I think we will still have songs like that… which are very bass and drum heavy with good melody."
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