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Remembering Sunday by All Time Low

Album: So Wrong It's RightReleased: 2007
  • In an online interview, Alex Gaskarth said that this song and "Vegas" are about the same person and the same experience. In "Vegas," he sings about how he would have married her if he could, and in "Remembering Sunday," he's lost her. The lyrics, "I'm at home in the clouds" is about being on a plane.
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Comments: 24

@ashley - If this song is indeed about Meg from Meg and Dia, then that maybe explains the song that they made called "I'm Going Away." You guys should listen to it, it makes sense!Gabe - Amarillo, Tx
@Taylor from russia..it's not about a girl who died. and lullabies isnt about his brother commiting suicide..don't believe everything people say..alex stated in a interview that he died because of some natural reason..and he was shocked that people just make up facts (like that he killed himself)Lasse - -, Germany
Alex kind of explains in an interview that Remembering Sunday is about the same girl as in the song Vegas. She didn't pass away. She was just on a plane. Even Matt Flyzik thought the girl had passed away.
It's at the end of this interview:
Nikole - Gresham, Or
@Bridget this song is definitely not about the both of them committing suicide. It's about a breakup. It's not about Juliet Simms either, she just sings in the song. The lyrics "So many feet off the ground" is about planes. Also, @Bren... You can call a plane home if that's where you practically live like music artist do. You can call any place home.Calli - Boston, Ma
This song is about Meg Frampton from Meg and Dia. Alex Gaskarth said on stage at one of their shows last year that Vegas was about her. This song is also about her. Juliet Simms just does the female vocals in the song. And no, it isn't about anyone dying. I know a lot of people think that based on the lyrics, but its about her leaving to go back home after they spent a few days or weeks together on tour for the Warped Tour.Ashley - Oshkosh, Al
My cousin told me that this was about his girlfriend that got into a car accident and died, the song Lullabies is about Alex's brother who committed suicide and Alex found him.Taylor - Moscow, Russia Federation
@aaron her name is juliet simms. and i so thought this was about a girl commiting suicide! what the crap, XPCarli - Pemberville, Oh
alex meets a girl at warp tour and decides to date her cuz they hung out all day at warp tour. after they made love for the first time he wanted to ask her to marry him but he had problems with love/commitment, so without alex knowing, she moved to russia so he wouldnt ask her to marry him.Cami - Gap, Pa
even it wasn't supposed to be a song about death.. it means so.. the girl said shes at home at the clouds.. can you call a plane home if you will mean that to be a plane?? and the last passage of the man is the he is going home to.. so he will follow the girl.. means.. he will kill himself too.. right??Bren - Pandi, Philippines
This song is actually about a girl Alex met at Warped Tour. They hung out all day, and then once the tour was over, Alex bought a plane ticket to see the girl, and she wanted nothing to do with him.Rachel - Saratoga Springs, Ny
Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with dying, more with the internal strugle he's going through while trying to find her. Rain symboliIng sorrow & going into a deep depression from loosing someone he was was in love with. You could never get over sonething like that ...Nikkeya - Los Angeles, Ca
Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with dying, more with the internal strugle he's going through while trying to find her. Rain symboliIng sorrow & going into a deep depression from loosing someone he was was in love with. You could never get over sonething like that ...Nikkeya - Los Angeles, Ca
i think its about his girlfriend lisa. how they have had an off and on relationship since 2005. and since this song came out in 2007 im sure it was about herEmilia - Indio, Ca
Its Alex Gaskarth and Juliette Simms.Tyler - Indianapolis, In
Aaron - Its Juliette SimmsTiana - London, United Kingdom
When asked about the song he said "No she's not dead, This was basically just me venting after the girl was on a plane going away not on her way to heaven" It is also about the same person Alex Gaskarth is writing about in "Vegas".Sarah - Coral Springs, Fl
What Beans said, this song has nothing to do with death. Nothing at all.Samantha Gamache - Maple Ridge, Bc
Actually it has everything to do with dying. He has a one night stand. He was going to ask her to marry him. She killed herself. (So many thousands of feet off the ground) meaning Heaven. Then he kills himself at the end.Bridget - Mercer, Me
The song has absolutly nothing to do with anyone dying.Beans - Philadelphia, Pa
This song is about a guy who finds a girl, and they hook up well have a nice fling. But when he tries to find her, the girl's neighbors say that she isn't there and on his way back the rain (a sign for someone passing but goin to a better place- thats what i heard lol) is pouring down and her voice comes and tells him basically that she killed herself and she feels bad but as the rain falls down im guessing that she hopes the rain will clense him of her and he'll get on with his life like she has........or you can precieve it as the girl doesn't want him no more and he has to get over her........Amber - South Jersey, Nj
This song is actually about a guy that is trying to find a girl he had a one night stand with but she runs away.....this was in an interview with Alex Gaskarth the singer for all time lowLogan - Elma, Wa
i absolutly love this song. i want to know more details about why this song was written, how the girl died....does anyone know?Jade - Cancun, Mexico
Juliet SimmsPaola - Mexico City, Mexico
Brilliant Song! But Who Is It That Is Singing At The End Whats The Name(s)?Aaron - Dunfermline, United Kingdom
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