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Second Chance by Shinedown

Album: The Sound of MadnessReleased: 2008Charted:
  • This song is about lead singer Brent Smith leaving his native Knoxville, Tennessee, to pursue a career in rock 'n' roll. He explained on Blabbermouth.net: "This song for me is the most personal song on the record because it's about how I grew up and my childhood. It's about throwing caution to the wind and going after what you truly want in life."
  • This was used in the Season Two promotional video for the science fiction TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • This was to Shinedown's first single to reach #1 on both the mainstream rock and modern rock charts.
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Comments: 19

This song reminds me of how I wanted to leave the house live with my friend/sister because their family feels more like family to me. It just reminds trying to fight for myself and they always tell me to quit getting pissed and I yell "I'm not getting mad, you're making me mad." I'm just saying.Shae - Colorado
This song can be interpreted in several ways, depending upon the listener's imagination. I have always wondered if it was about a guy cutting the cord from his parents or a guy contemplating suicide. I never thought of it as a song about taking a big chance on an unlikely career. I like when lyrics make you think. It makes me want to dig deeper to find the writer's real intent.Mary O. - Omaha, Ne
I see it as a chance to change and become better in hope that someone that you love will return. at least that's how I see it.Zack - Noblesville, In
Well, I like all kinds of music, this was the song that got me into Shinedown and after I got some of their albums I was surprised (in a good way) that alot of their songs are pretty heavy (I'm a metalhead at heart).Zero - Nowhere, Nj
This song is great just to belt out at anytime! :d good song! Love the lyrics.Megan - Stevenson, Al
The debate or fact whether this is a "pop" or "rock" song is irrelevant. There is too much egoic posturing regarding songs like this. The bottom line is, it is an emotionally expressive song, one that, when I first heard it, held numerous deeper meanings for me having grown up in an alcoholic, abusive family home. The guy that sings it is able to bring that emotion to life, something John Lennon was famous for, though there is not much to compare between Shinedown and John Lennon except for the emotional expressiveness. It is also about emotional and spiritual freedom and like Ashley from Lemont Furnace said "IT touches me so much."Rebekah - Seattle, Wa
I think it's rock and pop (after all, "pop" is just short for popular, and it was a very successful song). I don't usually like these mopey-sounding, portentous, deep-voiced rock bands, but I like this song a lot. And while it's in a similar style to so many of those songs I don't like (Creed, Lifehouse, etc.), it has a nice, simple message and a great, singable melody.Staley - Dallas, Tx
Second Chance and If you only Knew do have a bit of a pop ring in it, but they are mainstream rock. And anyways, who cares? It's a great song. Leave it at that.[p3yt0n} - Somewhere, In
I just saw Shinedown for the 1st time at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville, NC. Their opening bands were Sore Eyes and Automatic Fire. Everyone was great!!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was my husband's first time ever at a concert now he wants to go to everyone!!! LOLLara - Canton, Nc, Nc
Ha good song. Really opens up the F*** you mom and dad i dont want to do what you want me to do, i want to do what i want to do!!
haha love this song
Josh - Trenton, Il
There is no way this song is pop but it is for sure one of there best songs.Andy - Tustin, Mi
Vocals are very rock like there Hannah, so there is one rock aspect. You fail, now GTFO.Joe - Lincoln, Ne
I like the singer's voice. And, I also like the off-beat lyrics. It really makes this band's sound. I have to say that I really like this band, so far. They have wonderful potential. They bring it all together into a powerful ensemble. Well done. Look forward to their future songs.Jeff - Casa Grande, Az
Yeah, um, this is their only "pop" song, and just because the pop stations are posers and want to pretend like their rock, doesn't mean they are a "pop" band. They are definitely mainstream rock. Have you listened to "Devour" or "Sound of Madness", off of the same alblum?Kayla - Oklahoma City, Ok
Whatchu talkin' about, Hannah. This band here ARE rock radio's staples by far. Shoot, this IS pretty much their first POP "hit" and I don't mean POP chart single either. These people have charted nine consecutive top ten tracks on the Mainstream ROCK charts. If anything, they are leaning towards rock's heritage. Two GOLD records and one platinum record. Now, what was that you said???Eugene - Minneapolis, Mn
it sounds more alternative to me, but it touches me so much!Ashley - Lemont Furnace, Pa
love this song.
& you know what, this song is SOOO not pop.
D - Virginia, Uruguay
Are you kidding? This guy fronts one of the best rock groups in a long time. I think that this might be the only you've heard by them. If you check out ANY album they are amazing rock records. If you still think he doesn't have a career in Rock then come back and comment.Andrew - Evansville, In
i have no earthly idea why this guy thinks his career is in Rock n Roll because this song is so pop!!! This song doesn't have any rock aspect to it at all. it's really sad.Hannah - Annapolis,
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