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Lake Pontchartrain by Ludo

Album: You're Awful, I Love YouReleased: 2008
  • This song is about a guy and his friends trying to get out of Missouri (Ludo's home state) to have some fun. They drive down to Louisiana and they hear an ad on the radio to go to Lake Pontchartrain to eat crab. When they stop to read the map and eat, his two friends have crab and he eats chicken. When they're back in the car a strange creature starts banging on the windows. They drive away and end up near Lake Pontchartrain. His 2 friends get out of the car and run towards the lake. They drowned and he swears he can hear voices coming from the lake as they disappear. He is telling the story to police: "There are no bodies, I've got none to hide." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Nick - St. Louis, MO
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Comments: 4

It's about Hurricane Katrina.Madison - Indiana
its all about the crawfish
he didnt eat it and he was the only one who survived
and the hobo said that the lake would have crawfish to the bitter end (crawfish till you die)
but i kinda get the vibe that he killed his friends
Jordan - Chicago, Il
Yeah it says "They both had crawfish,strickly chicken for me." It wasnt a creature that was banging on the window, it was a man.. maybe like a hobo. Because it says" He was right up on the glass, all yellow eyed,black teeth, bangin on the windshild..ect." So yeah.Raven - Lockport, La
Umm....they eat crawfish. That is not the same as crab.Emily - Abingdon, Va
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