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Black Ice by AC/DC

Album: Black IceReleased: 2008
  • This old-school blues cut, along with the rest of the album, was produced by Brendan O'Brien (Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam) at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada.
  • In the USA, the Black Ice album was released exclusively through Wal-Mart and Sam's Club plus the band's website. Guitarist Angus Young explained in USA Today that the Wal-Mart deal, "came down to availability. There aren't as many record stores these days, and Wal-Marts are all over America. New York and Los Angeles and Chicago may be covered, but in the heartland of America, Wal-Mart may be the only gig in town."
  • Vocalist Brian Johnson told Vancouver 24 Hours how his dislike of recording studios drove him out to the receptionist's desk to record his vocals: "Well, about four or five days into it, Brendan O'Brien said, 'You don't like studios, do you?' And I do hate them. I hate sticking headphones on, and I hate the microphone hanging in front of you and being surrounded on three sides by hunks of wood. You're not performing to anybody. He said, 'Leave it with me.' And the next morning, he took me down to this room right behind the reception desk at the studio! He had a mixing desk there and two speakers and a huge microphone. And it had windows so everybody could see and hear everything. And he put on the track that he'd done the day before with the guys and he said, 'Off you go then.' No headphones, nothing. And I just belted it out in this room. And there's people walking past and the receptionist's phone is ringing. And you know what? It was brilliant. Because you just had to do your thing and it was no good being shy or embarrassed. The receptionist's dog used to bark when I hit high notes!"
  • This became AC/DC's second ever #1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, 26 years and 10 months after its first chart-topping set, For Those About to Rock We Salute You. The longest ever gap between #1 albums is the 42 years, four months, three weeks between Ray Charles' Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music (1962) and Genius Loves Company (2005). It was also the Australian rock band's first chart-topper on the British album chart for 28 years. In August 1980 Back in Black spent its first two weeks at #1.
  • AC/DC guitarist Angus Young told The Daily Record October 26, 2009 how the album's name was inspired by his native Scotland. Young, who was brought up in Cranhill, Glasgow, before emigrating in 1963 explained the title reminded him of early days gigging in winter. He added: "It rolled off the tongue - it reminds me of radio warnings up north of black ice. It was deadly stuff."
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Comments: 6

Its crazy how little play time the songs off of this album get, Rock'n'roll train is the only exception to this, and even still, at that.Sam - Minnesota
I like AC/DC but this song is so....simple and pointless.Natu - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
my favorite song to play on bass. LOVE AC/DC!!Lily - Los Angeles, Ca
What's the song about?Homer - Springfield, Ky
well it still doesnt explain what the song is aboutSteve - Lala Vile, In
Wow!! I am the first to leave a comment!!!:)) AMAZING, GORGEOUS, TERRIBLY GOOD... what else?:) My heart's just jumpin' out when listening to these rythms!!:) All the "Black Ice" album is GREAT! Now and then - a must for a rock n' roll fan)) Bravo old men! Bravo AC/DC!:)Ani - Yerevan, Armenia
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