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What If



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In this song, Scott Stapp sings about those who oppress the band with their words and hatred. He seems to be referring to the media and critics who lashed out at Creed, and asks what they would do if faced with a similar situation.
This song may have marked the peak of Creed's success and the beginning of the Creed backlash. They had released only three albums, but got constant airplay from 1997-2001. Human Clay was their second album, and soon after their third album Weathered was released, radio saturation made listeners weary of their sound.
This was used in the 2000 movie Scream 3. Creed helped produce the soundtrack. The music video showed the band getting offed one-by-one by the infamous Ghostface from Scream. The video also features David Arquette.
According to guitarist Mark Tremonti, the intro was inspired by both "Paint It Black" from The Rolling Stones and the Nintendo game Zelda. (thanks, Aaron - Chicago, IL, for above 2)
The album was recorded at a house outside of Tallahassee. Lead singer Scott Stapp moved there after reading that Jim Morrison had lived in Tallahassee.
When American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry sang this on the show in 2006, judge Simon Cowell told him: "There is a line you don't cross. Creed would not be seen dead on this show."
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Comments (10):

I Think Scott Stapp is a good singer but nowhere near as great as Myles Kennedy. He's a great lyricist though.
- Zero, Nowhere, NJ
All I can say about this song is, go Creed. You rock. And hey, they're back together!
- Angelica, San Diego, CA
Simon Conwell can go f**k himself. He can't tell certain bands that they can't attend American Idol. That over-rated termegant Carrie Underwood character made it, so practically anybody should have a shot at attending it. Simon Conwell sucks.
- Landon, Winchester, OH
simon cowell bagged this on idol when his show is an abomination and just karaoke sang by untalented retards deport the stupid pom
- joe, perth, Australia
Hi guys...i would love to say that i'm Creed's biggest fan and i think that "What if" really has that special Creed flavour and i must say that i'm surprised of you Emily ( with no offence ) that you think of this song as a stupidlly written song...& obviously you haven't heard any other songs by Creed who are known for creative MUSICALITY mixed with Scott Stapp's unparalleled vocals and unmatched performance of Mark Tremonti , Scott Philips & Brian Marshall.. i hope you don't think the same about "With arms wide open"
forgot to say that I,m Alter Bridge's biggest fan have to listen to "Ties that bind" &"One day remains"
- Canopus, cairo, Egypt
This song's lyrics are so stupid. They tried way to hard to be deep and ended up sounding like idiots. Luckily the public did not noticed because they were so distracted by Stapp's obnoxious voice and the band's general lack of any musicality.
- Emily, Abingdon, VA
this song is awesome!!!!

Bought the greatest hits CD the first day it was out in stores
- chauncey, omha, NE
Uh, nick, FYI for ya, Korn's CD came out a couple years after this CD did. But, nice try through.
- will, Des Moines, IA
offed one by one? kinda sounds like the Alone I break video by Korn. Don't get my wrong, Creed is a good band(or they were)
- Nick, Elk Grove, CA
From what I remeber, Stapp described this song as his revenge for those who picked on him throughout his earlier years. Basically saying (as his younger self) "What if I succeed in life, what if I don't" to his opponents. It was his was of showing how far he came in life without forcefully trying to make himself better than others.
- Stefan, North White Plains, NY
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