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Permanent by David Cook

Album: David CookReleased: 2008Charted:
  • This ballad is about Cook's older brother Adam, who has been battling brain cancer. Cook told the Los Angeles Times November 18, 2008: "I purposely tried to be a storyteller on this particular song. I made it known what I was talking about. But it's still written in a way that people can take what they want out of it."
    Cook recalled in the album's press release: "We recorded 'Permanent' in two takes and everyone in the room was crying. I actually had to leave at one point because it was so emotional. As a musician, any time you can create something where the end result is exactly what's in your head, well there's a heaviness to that moment and it overwhelmed me. I've been writing songs for ten years and that was the first time I'd felt it. I think there's an honesty throughout the record that culminates in that song."
  • This is one of four tracks on Cook's debut album to be co-written with his long-time idol Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace. Maida's singer-songwriter wife Chantal Kreviazuk also contributed to this tune.
  • David Cook performed this during the 2009 Grand Finale of American Idol, 18 days after Adam finally succumbed to his illness. A live version of the song was released digitally with all the proceeds going to the US-based non-profit organization Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure.
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Comments: 7

i first thought it was a love song...so emotional that sometimes i wanna cry everytime i hears itSef Arcegono - Saltillo, Ms
Its so beautifully written and executed.A sad song indeed,always gets to me.Erica - Nairobi, Kenya
This song is even sadder now that David's bro has passed away. David's voice on this track is earth-shattering.Theresa - Murfreesboro, Tn
I love this song. The first time I listened to it, I thought it was about a girl who was being abused by a guy or something along those lines. I love how it can virtually mean anything this song. Saddest song I have my ipod other then maybe Yesterday.Dalina - New York, Ny
My heart hurts everytime I hear this song knowing the reason it was written. David Cook is an amazing singer and songwriter and I expect to see him around for a long timeLinda - Amarillo, Tx
Saddest song ever!
And Krista, I completly agree!
and yes, David is amazing :D
Katie - Los Banos, Ca
An incredible, heart wrenching REAL song. There's not many of those out there. David Cook is amazinggg! :)Krista - Carbondale, Pa
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