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Something in Your Mouth by Nickelback

Album: Dark HorseReleased: 2008Charted:
  • Frontman and lyricist Chad Kroeger told MTV News that this track was the starting point for Dark Horse. He explained: "That was the first song we worked on for the record. We were in Sweden and went over a bunch of material with our producer, Mutt Lange, and he wanted to get to a rocker. I've got this phrase: 'You look so much cuter with something in your mouth.' He thought that was perfect and was like, 'Let's start with that one right there.' So we just went off and just wrote this silly rock song that's got this great groove to it, and away we went."
  • Kroeger admitted that much of Dark Horse, such as this track, features adult themed lyrics and innuendo. He explained to MTV that he did this in order to pull the listener in. Said Kroeger: "I wanted to get into grabbing someone's attention and holding it. Sometimes, there are a couple of moments within the record where parents might be going, 'What? This has to come out of the minivan.' But I think we're at the point now where we have to grab people's attention."
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Comments: 3

I still listen to Nickelback to this day, f--k that stupid meme bulls--t about them being the worst band ever.Daniel - Winchester, Ohio
Great song from a great band.Dylan - Dodge City, Ks
This song kicks ass I absolutely love it!!!Daniel - Winchester, Oh
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