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Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight by The Fireman

Album: Electric ArgumentsReleased: 2008
  • Paul McCartney, who together with producer Youth are the experimental duo The Fireman, explained the origins of this tune to The Sun November 28, 2008: "In the '60s, I used to hang out with a black singer called Jimmy Scott, the guy who said 'ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on.' He also used to say 'Nothing too much just outta sight.' Youth said it was a good start for a song so I got in that persona."
  • It has been suggested by some tabloids that the album title, Electric Arguments, is a reference to the texts, emails and alleged phone-bugging which took place between McCartney and Mills as their marriage slipped into bitter recriminations between both sides.
  • The 13 songs of Electric Arguments were each written and recorded in a day, with McCartney playing the instruments and Youth manning the recording desk. Macca told The Daily Telegraph October 10, 2008 that the idea of singing vocal lines was a spontaneous one, and as a consequence he had to make up the lyrics on the spot. He explained: "It was sort of a William Burroughs, cut-up approach. I'd get out poetry books and just kind of scour them and find phrases, then stick them to a phrase from another book, so I wasn't nicking somebody's whole poem. And I'd go on like that until I had enough to sing. I still don't know the lyrics myself."
  • This featured in the 2008-09 season finale of the television drama Crash.
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