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Come With Me


Puff Daddy

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This is based on Led Zeppelin's 1975 song "Kashmir." It uses the same music, with P. Diddy rapping over it. He was known as Puff Daddy at the time.
Jimmy Page, the former guitar player for Led Zeppelin, performed this with P. Diddy on a 1998 episode of Saturday Night Live.
This was used on the soundtrack to the 1998 movie Godzilla.
When this was re-released on Platinum Collection: Greatest Hits, P. Diddy's obscenities were "censored" with Godzilla's roar. (thanks, Brett - Edmonton, Canada)
Puff Daddy
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Comments (15):

Hey, give p diddy a break. that was a compliment he gave to led zeppelin. I am a musician and songwriter and have three cds under my belt. no i am not a rapper, my mainstream is rock (hard and soft). like I said this was a great compliment for the best band that use to exist on the planet.....lighten up. This is from a musician point of view
- HANKLOVE, charlottesville, VA
zep song is an all time favorite. Diddy's delivery is mediocre at best. This song was inspired by one of Diddy's long time relationships with a homosexual lover. Found that interesting fact from a gay friend of Diddy's current lover, while attending college. The fact that Diddy is gay helps to understand this song's artistry. Darla
- Darla, Clio, NS
This song blows, but it doesn't affect how i feel for Kashmir.
- Schweet, Cincinnati, OH
Music is just like candy, you throw the rappers away. Rappers have basically now musicianship but how to use a synthesizer. EEVERY single beat they use is "borrowed" because they have no creativity. Rap is one of the roots of problems with society today. " it's cool to sell drugs and kill people, long as i'm gettin that cheese" its cool, cuz all u wannabe gangbangers will be dead or in prison by the time your 30.
- Daniel, Nashville, TN
I second Godzilla as a guest artist
i dont see whats wrong with this song they both get the crowds goin, and because of this song , i developed a taste for zepplin and better rap artists XD
- Mr.B, Edinburgh, Scotland
if anyone cares,i think that the censored version should count Godzilla as a guest artist,but only because he roared to "censor" the obscenities.
- Billy, Otway, OH
What? I thought this song rocked! It didn't ruin Kashmir. Hell, Kasmir was kinda weird anyways. I thought the addition rocked ass. I kinda like this remake more than Kashmir and I don't even like rap! So people, stop complaining. If Jimmy Page didn't like the idea, then I don't think we'd have this song. He played it on SNL! That rocked!
- JT, Tullahoma, TN
Zeppelin's Kashmir is forever soiled by the skidmark that is P Diddy. When Diddy came knocking on Jimmy Page's door with this idea, Page should have slammed the door.
- Nathan, Defiance, OH
GRRRR how dare he even THINK of DISGRACING the HAMMER OF THE GODS led zeppelins kashmir was never ment to b TORN APART AND DESTROYED by this i was so angry to find out my favorite band was being horibly mutilated by this ?!?!?? this only made me hate rap even more i know any and all zeppelin fans were horrifeid to hear of this .....HOW DARE ANYONE TAMPER WITH JIMMY PAGES WORK ....well im glad i got that out of my system later ....R.I.P bonzo
- Dustin, my home, IN
i think he messed up led zeppelins "kashmir" and all the other song he used..."kashmir is still a good song
- mario, chicago, IA
Hi Puffy this is the only way I could reach you I was watching your show Borrow my Crew for the first time tonight. Great show. I was having such a bad night when I seen the show it lifted my spirits seeing the gentlemens face after you offered him to do intern in the Summer. Well, I would love to borrow your crew. I am a dedicated mom of an 18 year old soon to go in the Navy and a 5 year old. I feel like I would just love one day of pampering that a celebrity like yourself has the opportunity to enjoy after a hard days work. I've been working since age 13. Now I'm on temporary disability and I just feel so down. Please help me and let me borrow your crew. Love Gaylynn.
- Gaylynn, Lodi, NJ
He was saying to get the song popular, not himself. Buddy.
- Kevin, sunrise, FL
i'm not a huge fan of diddy or zeppelin, and i love the song kashmir, but p. diddy was already popular by the time he did that, buddy.
- Shawna, San Diego, CA
I love this song, its the only rap song i like. but thats ok cos its an old rock song. i think the rap one is easyer to get through though
- Emma, NT, Australia
Once again, Diddy/Daddy uses another band's composition for is own song to get it popular.
- Nick, Paramus, NJ
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