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Come With Me by Puff Daddy

Album: Godzilla SoundtrackReleased: 1998Charted:
  • This is based on Led Zeppelin's 1975 song "Kashmir." It uses the same music, with P. Diddy rapping over it. He was known as Puff Daddy at the time.
  • Jimmy Page, the former guitar player for Led Zeppelin, performed this with P. Diddy on a 1998 episode of Saturday Night Live.
  • This was used on the soundtrack to the 1998 movie Godzilla.
  • When this was re-released on Platinum Collection: Greatest Hits, P. Diddy's obscenities were "censored" with Godzilla's roar. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Brett - Edmonton, Canada
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Comments: 15

Hey, give p diddy a break. that was a compliment he gave to led zeppelin. I am a musician and songwriter and have three cds under my belt. no i am not a rapper, my mainstream is rock (hard and soft). like I said this was a great compliment for the best band that use to exist on the planet.....lighten up. This is from a musician point of viewHanklove - Charlottesville, Va
zep song is an all time favorite. Diddy's delivery is mediocre at best. This song was inspired by one of Diddy's long time relationships with a homosexual lover. Found that interesting fact from a gay friend of Diddy's current lover, while attending college. The fact that Diddy is gay helps to understand this song's artistry. DarlaDarla - Clio, Ns
This song blows, but it doesn't affect how i feel for Kashmir.Schweet - Cincinnati, Oh
Music is just like candy, you throw the rappers away. Rappers have basically now musicianship but how to use a synthesizer. EEVERY single beat they use is "borrowed" because they have no creativity. Rap is one of the roots of problems with society today. " it's cool to sell drugs and kill people, long as i'm gettin that cheese" its cool, cuz all u wannabe gangbangers will be dead or in prison by the time your 30.Daniel - Nashville, Tn
I second Godzilla as a guest artist
i dont see whats wrong with this song they both get the crowds goin, and because of this song , i developed a taste for zepplin and better rap artists XD
Mr.b - Edinburgh, Scotland
if anyone cares,i think that the censored version should count Godzilla as a guest artist,but only because he roared to "censor" the obscenities.Billy - Otway, Oh
What? I thought this song rocked! It didn't ruin Kashmir. Hell, Kasmir was kinda weird anyways. I thought the addition rocked ass. I kinda like this remake more than Kashmir and I don't even like rap! So people, stop complaining. If Jimmy Page didn't like the idea, then I don't think we'd have this song. He played it on SNL! That rocked!Jt - Tullahoma, Tn
Zeppelin's Kashmir is forever soiled by the skidmark that is P Diddy. When Diddy came knocking on Jimmy Page's door with this idea, Page should have slammed the door.Nathan - Defiance, Oh
GRRRR how dare he even THINK of DISGRACING the HAMMER OF THE GODS led zeppelins kashmir was never ment to b TORN APART AND DESTROYED by this i was so angry to find out my favorite band was being horibly mutilated by this ?!?!?? this only made me hate rap even more i know any and all zeppelin fans were horrifeid to hear of this .....HOW DARE ANYONE TAMPER WITH JIMMY PAGES WORK ....well im glad i got that out of my system later ....R.I.P bonzoDustin - My Home, In
i think he messed up led zeppelins "kashmir" and all the other song he used..."kashmir is still a good songMario - Chicago, Ia
Hi Puffy this is the only way I could reach you I was watching your show Borrow my Crew for the first time tonight. Great show. I was having such a bad night when I seen the show it lifted my spirits seeing the gentlemens face after you offered him to do intern in the Summer. Well, I would love to borrow your crew. I am a dedicated mom of an 18 year old soon to go in the Navy and a 5 year old. I feel like I would just love one day of pampering that a celebrity like yourself has the opportunity to enjoy after a hard days work. I've been working since age 13. Now I'm on temporary disability and I just feel so down. Please help me and let me borrow your crew. Love Gaylynn.Gaylynn - Lodi, Nj
He was saying to get the song popular, not himself. Buddy.Kevin - Sunrise, Fl
i'm not a huge fan of diddy or zeppelin, and i love the song kashmir, but p. diddy was already popular by the time he did that, buddy.Shawna - San Diego, Ca
I love this song, its the only rap song i like. but thats ok cos its an old rock song. i think the rap one is easyer to get through thoughEmma - Nt, Australia
Once again, Diddy/Daddy uses another band's composition for is own song to get it popular.Nick - Paramus, Nj
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