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Album: The Midnight Organ FightReleased: 2008
  • Singer Scott Hutchison told The Pop Cop that the song is, "about looking back on things and trying to figure out why it [the relationship] didn't quite work out."
  • This song was featured on One Tree Hill, however the Scottish band admit they are not fans of the American TV show. Hutchison explained to Clash magazine January 2009 that: "It's one of the more forthright and personal songs on the record, and for it to be used in a teen drama… I wasn't against it at all because I thought, 'Fair enough, that's fine' but it was weird to have that running underneath a teenage crisis, whereas actually that was kind of a serious point in my life."
  • The album title is a quote from the band's song "Fast Blood" and is an euphemism for sex.
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