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The Warrior Is A Child by Twila Paris

Album: The Warrior Is A ChildReleased: 1984
  • Twila Paris wrote this song with the subject matter of the frailty of the inner spirit when she was 22. She told CCM Magazine presents 100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music that it, "is hilarious on some level," that she penned this spiritually mature song so young, "because I had very little understanding of what the song was actually about at that age."
  • Twila penned this after being counseled by one of the elders in her home church about the stresses of her growing fame in the Christian music industry, during which he talked about the notion of vulnerability. She explained to CCM Magazine presents 100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music: "He used the metaphor of the army, God's army. No matter if we're a general in the army and have been serving God for years, and have all this experience and He's given us lots of responsibility- before Him, we're still a child. So boy, I took that to heart and I went home, and with just the beginning experiences and the little bit of understanding I had, I wrote that song."
  • Initially Twila considered that this song would be just for her. She felt it was "too depressing" and that "everyone is going to misunderstand it, and they're not going to like it." However her producer, Jonathan David Brown, recognized that the compelling and revealing lyrics made this a song that deserved a wider audience and he persuaded her to include it on her third album.
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