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Hanging By a Moment by Lifehouse

Album: No Name FaceReleased: 2000Charted:
  • Lifehouse lead singer Jason Wade wrote this. He wasn't trying to write this for radio, just himself and the fans.
  • Wade claims he wrote this in about 5-10 minutes. Said Wade: "I remember just sitting on the couch in the studio and I heard the melody in my head while I was doing another vocal track, which is really weird, it'll kinda give you a headache. I don't recommend it, but anyway, I went into the other room and picked up a guitar and it just kind of happened, so from that moment on I learned when you have to write a song, when the melody is in your head." >>
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    Christine - Jaffrey, NH
  • This was the most-played song on US radio in 2001. Rock, Pop, and Adult Contemporary stations all played it constantly.
  • This song has often been mistakenly called "Hanging By a Thread," "Living on a Moment," and "Living By the Moment." None of which are correct.
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Comments: 55

I remember the first time I heard this song. I was watching MTV and the video of this song came on. I was instantly taken by the lyrics, because at the time I was reading a book called "God Chasers" by Pastor Tommy Tenney. Some of the lyrics of the song reflect a lot of the material in the book. Anyway, I love the song.Jack - South Bend, In
For those that said that Lifehouse isn't a Christian band but a love ballad or whatever band; Read below.
"Lifehouse is a Christian American rock band from Los Angeles comprising Jason Wade (lead vocals, guitar), Bryce Soderberg (bass, vocals) and Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr. (drums, percussion). The band came to mainstream prominence in 2001 with the hit single "Hanging by a Moment" from their debut studio album, No Name Face."
Y'all don't disvalue Lifehouse just because they dedicate the majority of their songs to God.
Martina - Thailand
First off, this is by far the best song EVER written, but I think scholars will agree that this song isn't actually about God or any other religious entity. I believe the message that Wade is trying to convey is "Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash. Now we have no Jobs, no Hope, and No Cash."Dildo - Dallas, Tx
Before iI got saved, I loved this song. I whenalways cried. Thenwhen I h eard Everything after. I got saved I was blown away...I saw the skit, cried when I first saw itSharai - Grand Rapids, Mi
i'm not christian or a very religious person at all but i love almost all of lifehouse's songs :)Jessica - Seattle, Wa
I agree David from TX. That's the great thing about music-you can have it mean anything you want. And the great thing about comments is that you can share what the music means to you! Speaking of, I really do believe this song is about a boy falling in love with a girl, and I love it for that. It reminds me of how I feel about someone if I like them and I don't know if they like me yet. Great song!Emily - Around Chicago, Il
ok seriously, does it matter what the song is about? Music is art, there is no "set" meaning of any piece of art or song. Any person can interpret it any way they want to--IT DOES NOT MATTER< EVERYBODY HAS AN OPINION.David - Alamo Heights, Tx
ahem nathan. If you ever got the gist of Christianity. You would realize that really all it is about is love, a relationship between you and God.Desiree - Los Angeles, Ca
For those of you who think this isn't about God, because you look at God like he's some serious figure in the sky that fixes your problems and doesn't do much else, you're wrong. God loves us and wants to be apart of our lives. I don't believe Lifehouse is a Christian band, but Jason Wade is definitely a Christian. And this song is definitely about God. Yes, you can fall in love with God. And the way Jason talks to God in this song is definitely how you can talk to God. God is our Daddy, and you don't have to address him as father, and you do not have to kneel if you want to pray to God. We are supposed to treat God like our friend, not some scary thing that is going to send lightening on us if we do something wrong.Chaise - Ohio, Oh
LMAO Itelligence even, great time for a typo =)Nathan - Sacramento, Ca
It really annoys me how many people still think this song is about falling in love with god, "you dont fall in love with god" that is rediculous! It is simply a song written in 5 - 10 minutes about finding true love and the question of Will she love me or not, and while I am waiting for her reply, I am Hanging by a moment. Simple and to the point. The lyrics, contradict a religous factor, First off if you were brash enough to talk to god you would not call him "you". You would call him Father, Second you don't pray to god and say, oh by the way I am falling even more in love with you. Come on you see how that sounds? Ludicrous, get a clue you clueless people out there. It is about changing one's self for the person they want to be with, IE: "Letting go of all I've held on to" "I'm standing here until you make me move" Standing , no one prays standing up when really talking with god, you kneel for reverence, So please quit insulting my inteeligence.Nathan - Sacramento, Ca
I've never been sure if this was about a person or God. I would hope God because otherwise it seems really intense. It would be sweet to be for a girl but just too...much.Hope - Naperville, Il
Find the lyrics on the internet and print them out. You will maybe understand it better. Sometimes when we see the lyrics it makes more sense.

If you put yourself in his shoes and imagine he's singing it to Jesus than it will make sense to you. Like there's a part that really makes me think it's directed towards God when he says in the beginning "Desperate for Changing, Starving For Truth, I'm closer to where I started, I'm Chasing After You, I'm Falling even More In Love With You, Leting go Of All I Held On To, Standing Here Until You MAke Me Move, I'm Hanging by A Moment here With You".
Ok see what he is saying? Basically a guy who is letting go of the past, of all he's ever known to be right, and he's chasing After God's own heart.
Here's another part "Forgetting what I'm Lacking, Completely incomplete, i'll Take Your Invitation, If You Take All Of Me".
This Is what I think this means. God does not care about your past, that's why Jesus died for our sins(yea, yea, yea, everyoneknows right?)
Anyways,He's ready to take God's invition if He will take all of him. Somethinglike that. Think About It!
Pc123 - Portland, Or
PLUS> If you listen to alot of their songs,just because they don't say the word Jesus, Or God,doesn't mean it's not directed to him. They also don't say the word HER. For those that think they are love ballads to a woman. He always says YOU. The words YOU.Pc123 - Portland, Or
No matter how you look at the song, it is meaningful to everyone! If you are religious you know that he's talking about Jesus. Those that think it's about a relationship, a woman, you can think that too. A lot of Christian bands sing songs that sound like love songs, (like -Relient K) because it is a relationship w/ Jesus.
And Christian bands don't all necessarily all say GOD or Jesus in their music. It's the way they sing it that makes you think about who it's directed to.
You can dedicate or direct it to your grandma if you want to! WHO CARES!

And to Megan-who says he's singing a love ballad to a girl and to tell this girl that he will never leave her and that he's forgotten everything else in his life because of her. --That's your own depiction of the song, good for you!
And if another person wants to see it as, --he's trying to tell Jesus that he will never leave him again than that's what they will think.

And even if they are a Christian Band what does that matter? They're music is awesome!!
Pc123 - Portland, Or
i just read on their website that Jason is a Christian but the other guys in the band are not. the song is awesome either way; you can make it mean whatever you want, just make sure your heart is in it; if you want it to be a Jesus song do it sincerly, if you don't then don't. it's actually fairly straight forward. Jason said it's open to interpretation, so that means just sing whatever you think it means but do it only if you mean it. don't be fake. ew. bleh.
- Esther, Perth, Australia
Ezza - Wa, Australia
Lifehouse is a Christian band. Anybody who knows what they are talking about knows that Christian bands are trying to reach out to the secular masses by writing music which contains more subtle hints at religion. Such songs often can be applied to more secular themes such as relationships. Its their little way of breaking into the mainstream to bring their message to people who need it.

If you're familiar with Christianity, this song is chalk full of religious subtleties. I dont even have the time or inclination to list them all. Please pull your heads out of your asses.
Alex - Fresno, Ca
This song reminds me of my ex boyfriend Mitchell.
When we were going out we found that we had alot in common especially with music because we both love rock!! This is a song that I always loved even before we met and he sung it to me on the phone one night and I thought that was soo cute!! Then I found out he was gonna be moving and we were gonna be breaking up soon because of it and it was like we were hanging by a moment with eachother living everydayday trying to make memories and being happy before we had to say goodbye. So everytime I hear this song i think of him. This song is very special to me!!!
Missy - Destrehan, La
Since when the hell did Lifehouse EVER be a Christian band?? This song sounds more like a love ballad to me, the singer is trying to tell this girl that he will never leave her and that he's forgotten everything else in his life because of her.Megan - Almonte, On
I don't really think that Lifehouse is a religious band,but some of their songs can seem like it. I just think that all their songs are all very sentimental.Stephanie - Fredericton, Nb
Omg jason wade is soooo sooo hott i love him sooooo much hah!!.... y did i never kno that they were a christain band is that even true... not that i really would care they r soo amazing i love all their songs they help me get through sum of my moments in life ... i realy dont kno how to explain lol... when i 1st heard "What ever it takes" i was watching vh1 and i just feel in love with that song.... i have like a bunch of pics of jason wade on my cell my boyfriend is jealous its funni!!!! LIFE HOUSE I LOVE YAS!!!Mia - New Market, Md
And Robe, you don't know what real rock sounds like until you here it. So if a million ppl like this song, you can't change their minds. You dont control ANY body's mind.And you're the only 1 that hates it. So get used to it.Annecram - Killeen, Tx
I agree with you Cape cod person. I mean, name one song in which they are ever reliious, and have mentioned the word god. And besides, who in the very first place (be4 they wrote this song) declared them a chrstian rock band?Annecram - Killeen, Tx
this osng is so freakin awsome.my girlfriend and i listen to it alot and we can't get over the feeling that we get when we do.Billy - England, Ar
i personally think that life house is one of the greatest bands.I can really relate to most of their songs.They have inspired me to do a lot of things i don't think that i would ever think of doing.So, thanks to life house and to every one who helped make this band!!!keep up the good work guys!!!!!im a big fan!!!!and please think about coming to amarillo,Texas someday soon....that would be great!!!love you guys!!!Thanks!!!Kennedy - Redding, Ca
Lifehouse's songs are very easy interpreted as songs about God...
But when I first heard this song.. and since then, every time I hear it...
It just reminds me of my best friend (we're together now)..but we used to have this friends on and off relationship but we both liked the other...
and finally we were lead together.
I listen to this song all the time, and whenever it comes on the radion or on my iPod, I always just stop what I'm doing and just smile as I listen to the song...
Without my story behind it...
this song is amazing.. <3
Alexis - Rochester, Mn
Would be ironic to me if it was a religous-based song. I've used it to score with several chicks. They all seem to go 'goo-goo eyes' when I tell them I relate the song to them. It works every time.Drake - Monroe, La
the chorus thing sort of sounds like and i don't even want all the fondue! i just really want the soup anglaise! i swear it actually sounds like that to mePrashant - Ktm, Other
the chorus thing sort of sounds like and i don't even want all the fondue! i just really want the soup anglaise! i swear it actually sounds like that to mePrashant - Ktm, Other
"I heard a phone interview with Jason that said that he wrote it about his relationship with god. However he said in several interviews that he believes music should be interpeted, which is why he hardly ever shares what the songs mean. So I guess its christian for christian people, and mainstream for the mainstream people...
- Tim, Phx, Az"
I couldn't have said it better myself well put Tim
Carlos - Calais, Me
I heard a phone interview with Jason that said that he wrote it about his relationship with god. However he said in several interviews that he believes music should be interpeted, which is why he hardly ever shares what the songs mean. So I guess its christian for christian people, and mainstream for the mainstream people...Tim - Phx, Az
A quote from Rolling Stone Magazine..."My music is spiritually based, but we don't want to be labeled as a 'Christian band,' because all of a sudden people's walls come up and they won't listen to your music and what you have to say."...he went on to say this as a reason for the ladder statement and on his parents divorce..."[The divorce was] the turning point in my life," Jason told Rolling Stone. "I really disagree with a lot of things that the church does--the Christian church. Just religion in general, I see a lot of things that seem off. I saw firsthand how someone like my dad--maybe he fell, maybe he made some mistakes--but then people from the church would basically say, 'You're going to hell.' And then turn their back on him. To me, God is all about love and mercy and compassion, and I don't see a lot of that today."Adam - Massapequa, Ny
yea lol this is mine and my gfs song also...kinda funnkeh.....we picked it cuz shes always loved the song and so have i....plus its ina way it describes our love for eachother......even though theres no meaning on this page.....its obviously a love songRoger - St Pete, Fl
I always thought it was a love song. That is what it is to me. Me and my girlfriend decided this was our song together. Devin, Guy, Arkansas.Devin - Guy, Ar
its spiritual love with godShannon - Garland, Tx
I love this song. I don't think that is Christian though because that wouldn't make much sense when it says, "I'm falling even more in love with you." Maybe it is, I don't know. I think Jason Wade originally said that it was a love song.Hope - Florence, Mt
I am a Vineyard pastor and can state that the band was formed as a youth worship band at the Malibu Vineyard and - I believe - that the song was originally a worship tune. If you are a Christian, use it as a worship tune, as it was originally intended. If you are not, make it about a girl. It's a great song whatever your understanding or use.Scott - Sacramento, Ca
although their songs may not be COMPLETELY clear of whether they are Christian-based or not, i do think their songs are influenced from religion and that their band isn't considered Christian rock but they do have a touch of Christianity which can be seen in their songs without actually having to say Jesus or God.Trisha - Okc, Ok
I read these commments and I'm mystified. This is a very ordinary, mediocre song. Some may think it's a "good" song, but why anyone would say it's "very, very awasome'" is beyond me.
As for all the debate about whether this is a Christian song or not, if Lifehouse intends to call themselves Christian, they should make their alligiance a little more clear. Jesus calls His followers to be a city on a hill, not a lamp hidden under a bushel. Do they want to spread the Gospel, or be "rock stars"? Only they can answer that, I honestly don't know.
So much for my two cents.
Rob - Evergreen Park, Il
It's a great song, weather it's christain based or not. The song means a lot to me.Ashley - North Lima, Oh
If you have not heard the accoustic version, I reccomend it. Jason Wade sings the song a really cool and unique way, and it ends up sounding really cool at the end.Dawson - Draper, Ut
This is by far my favorite band. They are so awesome. when i first heard them i loved them. i love a good christian band. Most people want to hear rap or some other kind of music that is just nasty and it shows a lot when you have a band and their music is focusing of God. i know that i would choose Lifehouse over any rap singer in a heart beat. ROCK ON LIFEHOUSE!!!!Rachel - Purson, Tx
Whether they are christian or not is pretty irrelevant. You should not base your music preferences solely on its "christian value" but on how the music appeals to you personally. Most good music is secular and to shun it would be highly impractical.James - Bridgeport, Ct
It is only one man's opinion, but I think Lifehouse is the best band to come along in at least the past 5 years. I base this on the overall strength of the songwriting (not the number of radio hits), and the way the band performs them. Many of their songs which are never heard on the radio (Like "Simon" or "Everybody Is Someone") are better than most of today's Top 40 "hits".Doug - Lake Mary, Fl
THIS SONG IS very, very awasome! I am absolutely inlove with it. Some good stuff...
I don't think that people should debate on whether it's christian or not, I didn't fall in love with this song because of that. I think that we should focus on the meaning and what message it sends to us.
Cindy - Sydney, United States
Man, i loved this song!! And i still do.I always thought it was about a girl but even if its not it's a kickass song.Madeline - Melbourne, Australia
i think this song could be about God, but also it could be romantic. take whatever you want from itSarah - Quito, South America
I dont understand why people have to label music with spirituality! I mean Collective Soul is another band that this has happened to. The guys in that band are Christian but they are not a Christian band. Thats not saying that thier music is evil either. When people get called a 'Christian Band' radios dont like to play it because they feel it will be preachy, however some Christians wont even listen to bands who are not labeled as Christian. Its sad! Im a Christian, and this bugs me! If you get something spiritual out of a song then thats awesome, but dont go around dropping labels. For the longest time i thought the Superdrag song "What If You Dont Fly" was a pro-Christian song....but actually it was the total opposite hahaAaron - Chicago, Il
Home > Teens > Music > Christian Alternatives

Campus Life, Nov/Dec 2001

Is Lifehouse a Christian Band?
Chris Lutes

One of the guys where I work has a Lifehouse CD. Some of their lyrics seem really Christian, and I love their sound! Are they a Christian band? I have been wondering because I try not to listen to secular music. â??Emilie
Let me begin by simply listing a few facts about Lifehouse:

? The band's songwriter/singer Jason Wade and bassist Sergio Andrade met in Malibu, California, at Vineyard, a non-denominational church.

? Both Jason and Sergio were involved in the church's youth group and played worship music at the church.

? "Everything," a song about God's love written during those early youth group days, appears on the band's platinum-selling No Name Face CD.

? When Jason was a young boy, his parents were missionaries in Hong Kong.

? Sergio's parents were also missionaries; his dad has also served as a music minister for a church.

? Jason has said that the Christian band Delirious has had a big influence on his music.

? In the liner notes on No Name Face, Jason thanks God and says: "All this is because of You. All this music came from You and all of it goes back to You."

? Lifehouse's CD was reviewed positively in CCMâ??a Christian music magazine. The reviewer said: "Lifehouse ? sports more poetic sense and spiritual insight than most rock bands currently on the traditional Christian circuit."

So, is Lifehouse a Christian band?

Here's how Jason has answered the question:

"We are not a 'Christian band,' but I'm a Christian, and the bass player [Sergio] is a Christian," Jason told UCLA's Daily Bruin Online.
Ben - Simpsonville, Sc
I think lifehouse is made up of Christians, but the band itself isnt really Christian, even though many of their songs have relgious meanings.Lara - C-town, Tn
i also believe this song is about how he's trusting God to lead him wherever he wants him to goCharissa - Chepachet, Ri
i agree with you tammy from new zealendCharissa - Chepachet, Ri
What does this song mean though?Courtney - Gloucester, Va
I wish ppl would get over this idea that they are christian. Joson Wade says that, at best, most of the lyrics come from "spiritual searching"
When asked on VH1 about them being classified as secular. Jason Wade responded by saying that they were not. VH1 claimed a certain fan said she would only lke them if they were a christian band. To which Wade replied: "Sounds like she'll get into trouble for listening to us!"
Warren - Cape Town, South Africa
Lifehouse are an awesome Christian band. Rock on Lifehouse!!! Tammy, Auck, New Zealand.Anonymous
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