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She Did It


Eric Carmen

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This innocuous, happy-sounding tune was the greatest hit from Eric Carmen's second solo album after the Raspberries disbanded. It is a much more upbeat song compared to his melancholy hits the year prior, "All By Myself" and "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again."
The Beach Boys were an influence on the sound of this song, Beach Boy Bruce Johnston sang backup. There is also a guitar solo by Andrew Gold ("Lonely Boy") and drumming by Toto's Jeff Porcaro.
Michael Damian did a remake of this song in 1981. (thanks, Les - Joplin, MO, for all above)
Carmen has stated that the Beach Boys' 1968 hit, "Do It Again" was the inspiration for this song, because of the "did-its."

"She Did It" was in turn a source of the inspiration for the 1982 hit, "Did It In a Minute" by Hall & Oates, with whom Carmen was touring at the time that it was on the charts. (thanks, Les - Joplin, MO)
Eric Carmen
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Comments (3):

Definitely a Beach Boys sound at the beginning. I sure don't remember this song, but I enjoy it now. Carmen sure did a great job re-inventing himself with Hungry Eyes and it did not hurt it was in a highly successful motion picture. Time to download some Eric Carmen music.
- Brent, Denair, CA
"She Did It" reached number 15 on the Cash Box chart, and spent four weeks at number 11 on the Canadian singles chart.
- Les, Joplin, MO
This cool song by Eric Carmen charted simultaneously with two other tunes which he wrote and recorded but were made into Top 10 hits by Shaun Cassidy: "That's Rock & Roll" and "Hey Deanie," both in late 1977.
- Les, Joplin, MO
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