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Go Back to the Start by Lily Allen

Album: It's Not Me, It's YouReleased: 2009
  • On this song, Allen apologizes to her older sister Sarah. She explained to The Sun January 30, 2009: "Sarah and I didn't get on for a long, long time. She cried when she heard that song and we are so close now. She finds it tricky with me being in the spotlight, though she'd never, ever want to go near a stage or perform herself. She's not jealous of me or anything like that. No. Not at all. The only thing she is envious of are my clothes."
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Comments: 2

I'm confused..why would Lily be jealous of Sarah if Lily is the famous one? The way she puts it, in the song, it sounds like she was jealous of Sarah being in the spotlight..Lilyibanez - Los Angeles, Ca
Absolute fav song on the albumJessica - Bloomfield , Nj
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