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Love, Hate, Love by Alice in Chains

Album: FaceliftReleased: 1990
  • Written by Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell, this song is about when you love and hate someone at the same, and all the emotions in between. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    joseph - Canton, GA
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Comments: 4

Joe in Georgia, u r right on, best Staley song ever.Craig - Nj
I think it's about a man who is so addicted to his lover that he can't leave her even he has biting memoirs which makes him hate her. Layne's vocal is so strong that one can believe that this song is about his real feelings. Showing conflicting emotions like love and hate with such a powerful vocal is the reason why layne is one of the bests.Egeberk - Istanbul, Turkey
To go with what I said above it's kinda like when you love someone so much but they did you wrong or hurt you so bad the only way to get over them is to hate them (or try to). To me this is vocally Laynes best song.. I mean WOW he puts some power, feeling, and emotion in this song.. This is one of my all time favorite alice songs that you will NEVER hear on the radio.. It's a damn shame to..Joseph - Canton, Ga
I think it's about a psychopath in loveJustin - A Place, Ct
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