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Will You Be Staying After Sunday?


The Peppermint Rainbow

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Recorded in 1969 by a semi-one hit wonder band, this song is about a love affair that only exists on the weekends. It's hot, passionate and loving, but when Sunday night/Monday morning rolls around the guy goes away. For most of the song the girl is almost begging him to stay and wishing and hoping they can be together, but then finally giving him an ultimatum towards the end of the song which goes: "We gotta let this feeling grow/Or Let it end/You say you care/Well if you do/Don't ever go/I'm begging you..." (thanks, M. J - Silver Spring, MD)
The Peppermint Rainbow
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Comments (3):

Has anyone noticed that this sounds like Sunday Will Never Be The Same by Spanky & Our Gang?.
Sunday Will Never Be The Same was first offered to the Mamas and Papas but was turned down because But John Philips, is doing mostly his own songs at that time.
One can't help but wonder how much Mama Cass had to do with this song.
- Don, Willoughby, OH
What a lovely slice of Sunshine Pop. So glad to hear Bonnie went on to much success in the health care field. I hope she still sings--even to a grand baby or two!
- Scott, Portland, OR
The group formed in 1967 as the New York Times and split up in 1970. They had another minor hit in 1969, "Don't Wake Me Up in the Morning, Michael, which got to number #54. They were discovered by Mama Cass. Their lead singer, Bonnie Lambdin Phipps, is now President and CEO of St. Agnes Medical in Baltimore.
- Glenn, Simi Valley, CA
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