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Ice Cream Man


Van Halen

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This was written and originally recorded by Chicago Blues musician John Brim. Born in 1922, Brim recorded this at Chess Records in 1953. In 1994, he released a compilation album called The Ice Cream Man.
This is one of David Lee Roth's favorites. He pushed to get it on Van Halen's first album as a tribute to the Blues.
The first verse is just Roth singing and playing acoustic guitar. The full band joins in after that.
Like many American Blues songs, the lyrics are loaded with sexual imagery.
This was one of 2 covers on Van Halen's first album. The other, "You Really Got Me," was their first single.
Van Halen included this on a cassette they gave Gene Simmons before they had a record deal. Simmons didn't like this song, but let them record it anyway when he flew them to New York to make a demo. They didn't get a deal out of it, but when Warner Brothers finally signed them, the songs on the demo, including this, made up much of their first 2 albums.
In 1659 the Sicilian chef Francesco Procopia dei Coltelli perfected the making of ice cream. Twenty seven years later dei Coltelli opened Le Procope, the first cafe in Paris. Here after being considered a dessert for royalty alone, ice cream was made available to the general public for the first time. (From the book Food for Thought: Extraordinary Little Chronicles of the World by Ed Pearce)
Van Halen
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Comments (9):

It's a fun song, quit bitching about Jimmy Page, and BTW some of you need to learn how to spell.
- Willie, Scottsdale, AZ
But eddies in rehab looks all F'd up and sad looking. his best days are way behind him Duffy. Page still looks like a rock star and collaborates with everybody because everybody wants to play with a LICING LEGEND. plus they are two very different guitarists. To each their own i guess.
- Marcus, Fresno, CA
duffy i wouldn't say eddie blows page away, i agree he is a better guitarist but page is still amazing
- evan, calgary, Canada
really kicks arse - everything you want from a rock band doing a straight out rocker imo.
- Patrick Hamilton, Braintree, England
jimmy and eddie have different styles..jimmy has more scratchy distortion and has more blues roots that EVH...eddie plays with all kinds of slidding, tapping, and of coarse his signature pinch harmonics...i think eddie may be a better player than jimmy but i like Page's stlye more..o and the song is a great cover song one of my favorite guitar solos by master van halen
- Jeff, Sothington, CT
This song is great. alos it appears in a episode of Homicide life on the street. it appears in Wanted dead or alive part 1 or 2. this episode is in season 7.
- Devon, Westerville, OH
Wo wo wo wo wo Duffy! I beg to differ. I don't know about either of the gyts looks, but they are both great guitar players. I personally like Jimmy Page better, but I don't want to knock Eddy Van Halen either.
- Stefanie, Rock Hill, SC
I saw them in '78,79,80,81,82.People and times were so much better back then.Now it's like the end days or something.Lame music and a repressive goverment.Eddie Van Halen BLOWS away Jimmy page! WHO wants a looser like page? Not me! Eddie is good looking!
- Duffy, Yakima, AL
its alright. not one of my favorite songs by van halen.
- renee, Corona, CA
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