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You Really Got Me by Van Halen

Album: Van HalenReleased: 1978Charted:
  • This is a cover of the 1964 song by The Kinks. It was the first hit for The Kinks, and became famous for its distorted guitar sound, which many bands began to copy.
  • This was Van Halen's first single.
  • There is a track before this on the album called "Eruption," which is an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo that leads into it. Disc jockeys often played the 2 songs together, but as computerized playlists and corporate programmers took control of radio stations, "Eruption" is rarely played.
  • This was used in an animated ad for a Nissan sports car. It featured G.I. Joe stealing Barbie away from Ken and driving off with her.
  • The Kinks got the dirty guitar sound on their version by slashing their speaker with a razor blade.
  • The album was cheap and easy to record. The band used very little overdubbing, and simply played in the studio as if they were live.
  • Van Halen's producer, Ted Templeman, recorded this as soon as he could because he was worried that a rival band called Angel would try to release their version of this ahead of Van Halen.
  • After releasing this album, they toured as the opening band for Journey, and then Black Sabbath. Ozzy Osbourne thought Van Halen blew away Sabbath every night.
  • Eddie was 21 when this was released.
  • The album has sold over 5 million copies. Most were bought a few years after it was released as Van Halen picked up fans through constant touring and increased radio play.
  • On their 1982 "Hide Your Sheep" tour, they played this as their second encore, stopping in the middle to sing some of "Happy Trails" before finishing the song.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Eddie used an Ibanez Destroyer for most of this album, as well as several songs on their next 2 albums. This guitar is featured on the cover of Woman and Children First. Ed later took a large chunk out of the guitar, which ruined the tone. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jay - Carlisle, PA
  • Ray Davies once said the he liked the Van Halen version better than the Kinks' own, saying that their original version (the Kinks) was like a prop plane and Van Halen's was like a jet fighter. Eddie later responded by saying he was flattered but that the original was better. His version was just more modern. "Ray, that prop stuff is the real sh-t," he said. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Stephen - Durango, CO
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Comments: 16

Used in the 'frat party at the morgue' scene in 'Night Shift.' Worked well.Esskayess - Dallas, Tx
This song was also covered by the late Robert Palmer on the "Double Fun" album.Brian - Marion, Mi
actually rob of hamburg its the frankenstrat! EVH also referred to it as that piece of sh**.Chase - Miami, Fl
usually when a song is coverd the band that covers it kinda kills it but they did a good jobDerek - Worcter, Ma
Woo, I'm learning this on the gutair, go Van Halen.Nick - Surprise, Az
Every time I hear this song I just imagine two teenagers making out and ripping off their clothes and are about to have sex.Kadie - Corpus Christi, Tx
cool song. yes, it is on guitar hero 2Billy - A Place, Al
this was Guitar hero 2 wasn't itRonald - Philadelphia, Nj
really good song its immortal the kinks immortalized it and van halen gave it juice powerElie - London
The original sounds better.Spencer - Los Angeles, Ca
Eddie definately uses the Destroyer on this because after the solo he toggles his pickup switch - Something his frankencaster obviously did not haveRobb - Hamburg, Ny
I assure you, Eddie Van Halen was born in January of 1955 which would make him just 23 when this was releasedRobb - Hamburg, Ny
Anybody ever see van halen live ? I saw them 10 times! I got to say the '82 tour was the best.Fair warning was cool too! If you didnt see them back in the day you missed out big time! Ha!Duffy - Yakima, Al
Hahahaha I love the commercial this is from and its a pretty good song, but i had no idea van halen did itShana - Pembroke, Canada
My favorite TV commercial of all time - It has all the right elements - GI Joe, Barbie, a Nissan 300 ZX, and Van Halen (one can only hope there's a case of beer in the trunk).

Up yours, Ken!
Kevin - Chester, Sc
This is one of Van Halen's best songs. I love hearing it after Eruption, it just sounds right. Anyway, this is one of the greatest albums of all time. Van Halen RulesBrett - Moore, Ok
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