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Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie by Bob Dylan

Album: Bootleg Series Vol 1Released: 1963
  • This is a poem that Dylan recited in the form of a monologue on April 12, 1963 at the end of his first major concert, which took place at The Town Hall in New York City. Woody Guthrie was a huge influence on Dylan; the two met in 1961 when Guthrie was suffering from Huntington's disease (Guthrie died in 1967). Dylan's poem shows a great deal of emotional turmoil, and he ends it by making a comparison of Woody with going to church, stating that in some way he has found peace in the "Grand Canyon. Sundown." >>
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    Gregg - Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Before reciting the poem, Dylan said: "There's this book coming out and they asked me to write something about Woody. Sorta like "What does Woody Guthrie Mean to You" in 25 words. And I couldn't do it, I wrote out five pages and... I have it here... I have it here by accident, actually. But I'd like to say this out loud. So, if you could sorta roll along with this thing here, this is called Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie."
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Anytime I get the existential doldrums and I start to feel like there's nothing good left, I listed to this poem. It's one of the finest things Dylan ever created.Jeff - Lacey, Washington
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