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Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain


Willie Nelson

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While it only reached #21 on the pop charts, this was #1 on the country singles charts. It was Nelson's first Country #1 as a performer. He had written "Hello Walls" for Faron Young, which hit #1 on the Country charts in 1961.
Fred Rose wrote this in 1945. He wrote a bunch of Country hits, many with the help of Roy Acuff, including "Crazy Heart," "Tennessee Waltz," "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "Slow Poke."
Willie won a Grammy in 1975 for Best Male Country Vocal Performance for this song. (thanks, Crystal - Springfield, MO)
This was the last song Elvis Presley played before he died. In the early morning of August 16, 1977, he played it on his piano in Graceland. Later that day, he died from an overdose of prescription drugs. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson Artistfacts
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Comments (7):

Laugh if you want, but there was a girl that used to sing this on KULP Radio, 1390 AM in El Campo, Texas. I wonder what happened to her. When someone mentions "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain", she and Willie Nelson are the first two people I think of.
- Bob, Kingwood, TX
I was 16 when I first heard Willie sing"Blue eyes Crying In The Rain"and I've always like his music ever since!!
Ol'Willie's a helluva singer and a Texas Icon to boot!!
- John, Mansfield, TX
Sorry Julian, "Always on My Mind" was not written by Nelson but by Johnny Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson Thompson. Nelson gets way too much credit for a journeyman cover of a classic. Elvis's version was clearly the better of the two, a lot better.
- Bill, Denton, TX
"Unchained Melody" and "Blue eyes crying in the rain" were the last two songs Elvis sang and played on his piano at Graceland before he died.
- Thomas, North Hollywood, CA
This was also recorded by Daniel O'Donnell on his CD
"From The Heart/Thoughts Of Home 2002
Bob Comox BC
- Bob, Comox, B.C., Canada
Gene Vincent also recorded a great version of this song for his 6th and last Capitol album, "Twist Crazy Times" in 1959.
- Ake, OSTERSUND, Sweden
Willie Nelson is one of the greatest song writers of all-time in any musical genre, writing many songs such as "Crazy", "Hello Walls", and "Always On My Mind", yet his greatest song of all-time "Blues Eyes Crying In The Rain" was penned by Fred Rose. Strange?
- Julian, Oakland, AR
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