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Comfort Betrays by As I Lay Dying

Album: An Ocean Between UsReleased: 2007
  • As I Lay Dying lead singer Tim Lambesis told us the meaning behind this song: "Sometimes as a friend we need to go beyond being comfortable and confront our friends when they need us. Our comfort can lead us to betray those we claim to love. Specifically, 'Comfort Betrays' is about the friendship I had with our previous bass player."
  • Lambesis explains the songwriting process for the band: "The music and lyrics for As I Lay Dying are written very differently. The music can be very collectively written at times, but the lyrics are just me writing about the issue and experiences that are most heavily on my mind. In that sense, songwriting is very therapeutic in a way. Instrumentally, every member of the band has their own preference. Jordan is probably the biggest advocate of everyone getting together and jamming, while I prefer to just record the guitar parts and drums for the ideas I have and then send the other guys in the band a mp3 of it." (learn more at asilaydying.com)
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