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You And Me by Attack! Attack!

Album: Attack! Attack!Released: 2008
  • Attack! Attack! formed in Cardiff, Wales in 2007. They released their first album in 2008, which got some airplay on BBC Radio and some press in British music magazines. Their lead singer Neil Starr told us about this song: "We had just started the band, and Will the bassist came around to my house with a rough CD demo of the verse and chorus chords for 'You and Me.' I loved the groove of the song and knew straight away it had loads of potential. That night I put the CD in my car stereo and just drove for miles listening to it.┬áThen suddenly, out of nowhere, the chorus melody came into my head. I pulled over, got my phone out, and recorded me singing along to the CD so that I wouldn't forget it. The words were the first thing that came into my head at that time, and I thought they were really cool. The whole song lyrically is literally about not seeing eye-to-eye with someone and how frustrating that feeling can be." (learn more at their MySpace page)
  • This was featured in the March 31, 2009 episode of the TV series 90210.
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This is the best song on Guitar hero 5Nathaniel - Tallapoosa, Ga
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