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No Sugar Tonight by The Guess Who

Album: American WomanReleased: 1970Charted:
  • John Presho, who knew Randy Bachman and worked security for his band Bachman-Turner Overdrive, gave us this account of how the song came together:
    "Randy told me that the inspiration for writing 'No Sugar Tonight' came to him from an experience he had walking in downtown Berkeley, California. Randy was walking and talking with a band mate when he looked up and saw four big biker guys walking on the same sidewalk approaching them. Randy made up his mind to cross the street rather than confront the bikers, then he heard the skidding of car tires. Just as Randy was stepping off the sidewalk the car came to a skidding stop and a biker lady got out of the car, walked over to one of the bikers and engaged in a heated conversation with him. When the argument ended the biker lady walked back to the car, opened the door, turned around, then shouted to the biker, 'One more thing honey, you're not getting any sugar tonight' indicating he was not going to get any sex that night from her. The car took off, Randy crossed the street went back to his hotel and started writing the song based on that experience."
  • This was the last Guess Who hit Randy Bachman played on. He left due to his Mormon religious beliefs before this became popular, and went on to form Bachman-Turner Overdrive. The band did not tour America when this was a hit there because Bachman left the group. They reunited and toured in 2000, 30 years after this was a hit.
  • At the same time this was released as a single, it was included as the B-side of The Guess Who's hit "American Woman."
  • On the album, this goes seamlessly into "New Mother Nature." Disc Jockeys usually play them together. Guess Who vocalist Burton Cummings was not finished with "New Mother Nature," and Bachman was not done with "No Sugar Tonight," so they put the 2 songs together to make a complete piece on the album.
  • In 2001, this was honored by a Canadian music association for getting over 100,000 plays on Canadian radio.
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Comments: 18

This isn't two songs put together. Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings wrote the music together. They both then wrote different lyrics for the song, and decided to use both.Larry - Cleveland
I think that this is the easiest rock song to figure out the meaning, even the title tells it right there!!Dc - Seattle, Wa
It has always fascinated me that Bachman and Cummings found a way to put two different songs together to make this one incredibly,rememberable piece of art. I love hearing it to this day and will never forget it!!! DranoDrano - Anaheim, Ca
I love this song so much...whenever it comes on the radio I turn it up super loud!
Judy - Enid, Ok
i LOVE this song! i had it stuck in my head ALL DAY yesterday! ''no sugar tonite in my coffee!!''
=) =)
Valerie - None Of Ur Buisness!!, Bc
Hey Kelly, "New Mother Nature" is the drug song, weed to be exact. "No Sugar Tonight" was born out of Randy's experience with some tough looking gang members that were approaching him in Oakland, CA. They were backed off of him by the gang leader's old lady telling him that if he didn't go with him right now he wasn't getting 'No Sugar Tonight'.Richard - Lansing, Mi
actually saskatoon is in saskatchewan canada .. i live there...Little Girl - A Place
I think it's funny that in the fifth and sixth lines of this song it says,"No sugar tonight in my coffee/ No sugar tonight in my tea." Randy Bachman was a strict Morman, meaning he could have neither of these beverages.Josie - Funkytown, Nc
Randy actually released an album, Every Song Tells A Story, which was from the TV show. He goes through a lot of the different songs, both from Guess Who and BTO days, telling stories about how they came about. Great stuff. He's a natural storyteller.Allan - Vanderhoof, Canada
Funny, George. That story really makes sense.Johnny - Los Angeles, Ca
This song is actually called "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature". It's two song put together. "no Sugar Tonight" was written by Randy Bachman and "New Mother Nature" was by Burton Cummings.Warrinder - A Town
the original lyrics to No Sugar tonight are "No p***y tonight for dave foley, no p***y tonight in his tea" few know that.Carl - Texarkana, Ar
The story by George,Saskatoon is correct except that,when I heard Randy tell the story the city was San Fransisco.Steve - Vict, Canada
I once saw a special on TV where Randy Bachman told the story of walking in L.A. that George of Saskatoon refers to.
Randy said that he had that tune but only few lines (inspired by that experience), not a complete song. When he played that for Burton Cummings, Burton also had a partial song in the same key. Hence the combination of 'No Sugar' and 'New Mother Nature'.
-Reg, Kemptville, Ontario
Reg - Kemptville, On, Canada
As told by Randy Bachman: He was walking in LA late at night when he was approached by some rather scary looking guys , he crossed the street and so did they , as luck would have it, just as he thought he was going to get mugged a car pulled up and a black woman got out and started yelling at one of the guys who was obviously her boyfriend , one of the things she told him was that if he didn't get in the car he wasn't going to have no sugar tonight. They left and Randy went on his wayGeorge - Saskatoon, Canada
I heard (but I definitely be wrong) that the "No Sugar" part refers to quitting drugs, and the "New Mother Nature" part refers to doing drugs. Anyone know for sure?Kelly - Los Angeles, Ca
They were even further honored when playing at the White House (Nixon Inauguration I think), Pat Nixon asked them NOT to perform "American Woman" because of the anti-American lyrics. Personally, I would have played it anywayRandy - Beaumont, Tx
Cummings mentioned in a radio interview that the lyrics were inspired by a black woman he overheard referring to her husband/boyfriend that 'He ain't getting no sugar tonight!'Marc - Edmonton, Canada
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