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I Live In Trafalgar Square by Morny Cash

Album: Music Hall DaysReleased: 1902
  • "I Live In Trafalgar Square" was written by C.W. Murphy. Copyrighted 1902 by Francis, Day & Hunter; it was first sung by Morny Cash, and has been described as patriotism turned to irony and cynicism. The meaning of the song will be lost on those unfamiliar with British history or the topography of the capital. Although London's Trafalgar Square is well known as the haunt of pigeons, its most famous resident is Lord Nelson.
    Horatio Nelson was Vice-Admiral of the British Fleet; his finest victory was the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, in which he was mortally wounded. Trafalgar Square was constructed to commemorate the Battle, and Lord Nelson "lives" on top of Nelson's Column, which was completed in 1843, where he is guarded by the four lions who feature in the Mark Knopfler composition which was recorded by Dire Straits. See it in Song Images. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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I'm new to this sort of thing but my grandfather was on the halls and I think toured with Morny Cash in Australia early in the last century. Gramps stage-name was William Burr, or possibly, Leslie Harris. Wicked Willie, as he was known in the family, deserted his wife and family shortly after his fourth child, my father, was born in 1911. We, his grandchildren, are trying to research what happened to the old bugger, post-flight, and if any thing is known, would be most grateful for information. He was not associated with any songs of the quality of Trafalgar Square, unfortunately. It' s a great song and it is good to see that the song continues to flourish in the hands of the likes of Roy Hudd and Richard Thompson.Lionel - East Sussex
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