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I Belong To Glasgow by William Fyffe

Album: Music Hall MemoriesReleased: 1921
Get some Geography in the I Belong To Glasgow Songplaces
  • "I Belong To Glasgow" was written by William Fyffe (1885-1947), who performed as Will Fyffe. According to Richard Anthony Baker in British Music Hall: An Illustrated History, this was one of two songs Fyffe wrote for Harry Lauder while touring in revue, but Lauder rejected them both.
    The song was inspired by a drunken Clydeside workman Fyffe had seen at Glasgow Central Station. The man was fumbling in his pocket for his ticket and was asked by the inspector "Well, where do you come from? Do you belong to Glasgow?" to which he replied "No, my good man. I do not. Right at this moment, Glasgow belongs to me."
    Fyffe wrote the song in double quick time, and introduced it at the Glasgow Pavilion in 1921; it became his biggest hit.
  • As well as Fyffe's own recording there have been numerous others including by the traditional Scottish entertainer Andy Stewart. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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