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My Wild Irish Rose by Chauncey Olcott

Album: Celtic FavoritesReleased: 1899
  • After "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", which he co-wrote, "My Wild Irish Rose" is probably the most famous song Irish-American Chauncey Olcott churned out. The inspiration for this solo composition was revealed by his wife Margaret after his death. On a visit to his mother's homeland in 1898, a young boy gave her a flower. When she asked him what it was called he replied "...a wild Irish Rose." She put the flower in an album, and later when her husband asked her for suggestions for a song title she opened the album, pointed to it and said: "There's the title for your new song."
    The ballad went into A Romance Of Athlone the following year, and the sheet music was published by the New York firm Witmark. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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On March 16th 1974, the new Opryland Auditorium in Nashville was dedicated by U.S. President Richard Nixon...
After the dedication he sat down at a piano and played "Happy Birthday," "My Wild Irish Rose," and "God Bless America"...
And less than four months later on August 8th, 1974 he announced that he would resign from the presidency the following day.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
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