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Lark On My Go-Cart by Asher Roth

Album: Asleep in the Bread AisleReleased: 2009Charted:
  • After the success of "I Love College," critics questioned if Roth would prove to be a one hit wonder. However after an animated video was released for this song, it became clear that the Pennsylvania rapper was no novelty, but he could really rap. Roth told MTV News: "With Lark coming out, it was a cornucopia of just vivid lyrics... different images, no real concept, nothing really to draw from except for these references from my life. People were like, 'I don't even know what to expect anymore,' and I think that's the beauty of that record."
  • At least at one point in the song, Roth's "Lark" is Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa on the TV show Saved By The Bell. He mentions her in the line, "You can take Kapowski, I'll take Lark." Kelly Kapowski was Tiffani-Amber Thiessen's character on the show. (Check out our interview with Asher Roth.)
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