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Peace by Depeche Mode

Album: Sounds of the UniverseReleased: 2009Charted:
  • Depeche Mode principal songwriter Martin Gore told The Sun April 3, 2009 that he thought that this midtempo stomper that touches on recovering from alcoholism is one of his favorite songs that he has ever written. Gore explained: "That and 'Little Soul' give the album a kind of thread. Both of those songs have a real spiritual feel, though we have to be really careful using that word. I really don't want to sound new-age with all this talk about giving up drinking. There's just a sort of spiritual feel to some of the tracks and that's why to Sounds of the Universe worked well as a title."
  • Frontman Dave Gahan told The Guardian March 21, 2009: "For me it represents the joy and ecstasy of everything looking better, tasting better, sounding better."
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Comments: 1

One of my favorite songs of Sounds of the Universe.
It seems very close to my thoughts...
with all the respect for Depeche Mode
Ada - Panevëþys, Other
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