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Queensberry Rules by Gallows

Album: Grey BritainReleased: 2009
  • Most of the regulations that govern boxing today are based on 12 famous rules drawn up in 1867 by John Sholto Douglas, the 8th Marquess of Queensberry, who was a patron of the sport. His innovations changed boxing completely. They provided for the use of padded gloves, canvas and stipulated the length of each round at three minutes with a one-minute interval.
  • Gallows vocalist Frank Carter (From Kerrang! magazine April 18, 2009): "They are boxing rules and this song is about knife crime. I'm harking back to a better day where men could settle disputes like men, and get in the ring and sort it out in ten rounds. Nowadays, if you think you have a problem with someone - before you've even had the chance to sort it out - they have stabbed you from behind and you'll probably die. There is no honour or anything gentlemanly about that. When kids are finding a reason to carry a knife to school, then you have to realise this is the war that we should be fighting. Not in Iraq- but on the streets of London- making sure that our children are safe."
  • In this song, Turner calls for violent teens to throw their knives into the Thames. He explained to The Sun May 1, 2009: "Violence, as a whole, is pretty futile. It's important because I really believe that something needs to be said about the current fad that rules the streets of London right now. We need to bring our troops home, end the second Vietnam we are a part of and focus on saving the lives of the teenagers being killed right on our doorsteps."
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