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21 Guns by Green Day

Album: 21st Century BreakdownReleased: 2009Charted:
  • This song addresses the topic of patriotism. Frontman and chief songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong told Q magazine May 2009: "It brings up 21st Century Breakdown in a lot of ways, and the 21 gun-salute for someone that's fallen, but done in an arena rock 'n' roll sort of way."
  • At the pre-release preview of 21st Century Breakdown, the MTV News reviewer called this song, "a cell-phones-in-the-air anthem."
  • Marc Webb (Maroon 5, My Chemical Romance) directed the music video, which features a fugitive bank-robbing couple holed up in a room with Green Day lyrics scrawled on the walls. To stage the shoot-out, a thousand tiny explosives called squibs were embedded in the walls and furniture to mimic gunfire, and the crew shot marbles from guns to shatter the fishtank. No fish were harmed - they were swapped out for rubber ones - but the actors (Josh Boswell and Lisa Stelly) were left battered and bruised. He was hit by shrapnel from the exploding room while she received a squib blast that drew blood.
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Comments: 58

The girl in the video looks like Cameron Richardson with black hair.Zahir - United Kingdom
This song, video, album, band is amazing! Their just so great and talented! I hope they keep the albums coming out! :)Megan - Stevenson, Al
And I just listened to "All the Young Dudes" and I hear no resemblance, you guys don't know what you're talking about.Taylor - Seattle, Wa
This song in my opinion is about war and peace.

It's funny how so many people hate on Green Day for making great songs. They have to assume they totally "ripped off" other people's songs. It's due to happen to come up with same riffs. Just because 21 Guns became way more popular than "All the Young Dudes" or whatever, or people don't remember the song, shut up and deal with it. It's a great song off of a great album. Stop trolling.
Taylor - Seattle, Wa
american idiot is a fine album Matt!Elizabeth - Anytown, Il
chealsea, i totally agree :DElizabeth - Anytown, Il
I'm talking to you JamesolImgunacoachya - Rainbow City, Al
this song does sound a lot like other songs but its a good song.i do like the old green day and a lot of other bands better and if anyone is pissed go tell your mommy because chances are,all you trolls will live with your moms at 30 years old.Imgunacoachya - Rainbow City, Al
Okay this was bothering me so I made an account. A LOT of songs sound alike this might be one of them. Green day is a great band it isn't really plagiarism! Why don't you check out the 4 cord song I bet you'll say thats plagiarism too huh? Green day had it's own lyrics and just because it sounds a lot alike dosen't mean it's the same thing. Thats how I feel deal with it.Chelsea - Merrill, Wi
hah, everybody noticed "All The Young Dudes" and "Telephone Lines" rip-off...I'd like to add that the verses sound like Scott McKenzie's immortal "San Francisco"...turns out it's a 3 songs medley?Valentin - Beijing, China
I think this song is about patriotism, war and peace. 'Do you know what's worth dying for/If it's not worth fighting for'

Themes of guilt and uncertainty also prevail. 'When your thoughts have taken there toll/And your mind breaks the spirit of your soul./Your faith walks on broken glass.'

Peace 'Throw down your arms/give up the fight'.
Dennis - London, United Kingdom
1 more thing...in the video, a couple robbed a bank, the police were outside their house, the police started shooting, and the girl gave her boyfriend one last kiss.Sc - Anchorage, Ak
Green Day isn't 'emo'. The guyliner look that they wear (well, Billie and Tre do) was punk waaaay before the 'emo' lifestyle came around.
Also, this song is about the feeling of self-surrender...Billie said that in an interview.
Sc - Anchorage, Ak
I really like this song. But I've listened to alot of green day songs and this is just so different that it doesn't fit the "Green Day style" lol. It's a good song but the whole album just doesn't sound like there music.Martha - New York, Ny
yeah the refrain is pretty much ripped off from ELO's Telephone Line. And Mott the Hoople's All the Young Dudes.Will - Grand Rapids, Mi
Greenday is simply the best punk band! Jz change ur emo-look guyz!Geo - Surigao, Philippines
Jamesol that song sounds nothing like 21 guns listen too it are deaf. O my gosh.Joe - Branchburg, Nj
This song sounds is pretty much copied from Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra. Just changed the lyrics. In my opinion, it is bordering on plagiarism. Don't like Green Day anymore!Jamesol - Los Angeles, Ca
There are a lot of different interpretations of the song, I think a girl's being prosecuted by the police and the boy was a soldier, a stark contrast worthy of a fight. u see the flashing red and blue lights outside her window and the police are shooting the bullets through the walls.Dakotah - Birmingham, Al
I love this song!
And, since it appears everyone wants to fight about what this song means, I have a quote for you: "I sort of enjoy the fact that I`m misunderstood most of the time. That`s fine." Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day said this. So whatever you want the song to mean that's what it can mean!
Make love, not war.
Emma - Detroit, Mi
the song is ok i guess... but what really bothers me is he talks about the 21 gun salute... yet in the video i see no reference to the 21 gun salute or anything military related... Im in the military and Ive seen 21 gun salutes before for my fallen brothers and its a very poweful and emotional things to witness... i just dont understand if hes trying to make fun of the way we do things and how we honor our fallen or if hes trying to show respect.Justin - Havelock, Nc
This a cool song... Good Job Green Day.
( Now we all expect songs like this again)
Good Luck with you singing and stuff.
Tessa - Washingtonville, Pa
21 guns is the best song ever i love green day!!!Emily - Canton, Ga
first of all to the people who have insulted this video IT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS CRAP! it means that it meant something to the artist even if it didnt mean anything to you !!!!
rite I think this song is about a couple who basically have have a fight, lost faith in there love, and them selves, but basically cant live without eachother so "hold up your arms, give up the fight" I think means they basically serender, and they really love and cant live without eachother :) xxx
Melissa - Liverpool, United Kingdom
I think this is a really boring song but I hate Green Day too boring and all songs sound the sameSara - Kingman, Az
@Scott,Boston,Ma....... THIS VIDEO SUCKS! It is so stupid! Why the hell are there people shooting through a wall and a dude and a girl loving each other or something? It's about the 21 Gun Salute so why doesn't the video reflect that?!Currie - Charlotte, Nc
See the show American Idiot. Its all in there and its FABULOUS.Margy - Alameda, Ca
Felt a hint of Boulevard o Broken Dreams according to me... Great song though.Kiran - Kannur, India
Pablo, in Mexico...That is almost exactly what I was thinking; although, I couldn't pin-point the song. Thank you!Mary - Phoenix, Az
i think you people get way hyped up bout somethings, Green Day is Green Day they will be who they wanna beAme - Greencastle, In
i like greendays music but i dont like them because their trying to apeal to to many people they were origionaly punk pot heads then they were political and now thheir emo i dont like that cus their not showing who they areDerek - Shrewsbury, Ma
green day is 1 of the top five best artist in rock since guns and roses. this is 1 of there top rated songs that are played on 103.9 the X but still not the best song on the album tho.Ashlee - Presscot, Az
The girl in the music video is pretty hot. Great song!Corey - Richmond, Va
agreeJoseph - Cleveland, Oh
i loved this song until one day my dad pointed out thata it sounds just like telephone line.... a sad day for me.Katira - New York, Ny
Yes, there is a melodic similarity with this song to Telephone Line, and All the Young Dudes, but the actual melody line (musicnerds here:) 3rd, 4th, 5th, octave, is a very common melody. I wouldn't quite say it's a ripoff. Anymore than "Brain Stew" rips off "25 or 6 to 4" (listen to both intros)Stu - Philly, Pa
New favorite song :DPhoebe - Belchertown, Ma
i love this song one of the best on the albumEmily - Dudley, United Kingdom
It does sort of sound like "All the Young Dudes" at some points...and yes, the guitar solo does sound like the theme from Full House. Anyways. It's a good song.Francesca - Dallas, Tx
i think this is one of green day's best song ever. its really catchy. the first time i heard it i couldnt stop singing it!Aly - Los Angeles, Ca
I think the solo sounds like Clapton's "Tears in Heaven".Brad - Lexington, Ky
No Doubt Kayla, this song is right on,this is one of the best new songs, been waiting for someone to release somethingMichael - Columbus, Or
I Love this song. And Matt i noticed it. Lol i realized it the first time ive ever heard the songAndrew - Lake Worth, Fl
They didn't steal the lyrics from anyone, and it's brilliant song writing, so just shut up and listen.Kayla - Ballston Lake, Ny
this song is so great. one of my favorite song of theresAmanda - Manitowoc, Wi
does anyone know why do they say one before saying 21 guns? it's almost like they're saying 121 guns lolMeredith - Port Clinton, Oh
@ mike from orlando.. david bowie just wrote the lyrics to All the Young Dudes.. it was MOTT THE HOOPLE who put the melodies and music to it.Sustin - Venetia, Pa
matt from new york, i can hear what u r talking about.Vicki - Chicago, Il
While the chorus might rip off "All the Young Dudes," am I the only one that hears the theme to Full House in the guitar solo? "Everywhere you look, everywhere you look..." (go to 3:00 in the YouTube vid)Matt - New York, Ny
This is just a terrible knockoff of David Bowie's All the Young Dudes. I listened to this horrible song throughout the transformers movie this is clearly stolen. You would think that Green Day with all the time they have on their hands that they would just write their own material.Mike - Orlando, Fl
I don't know if this is some sort of plagio but the chorus of 21 Guns sounds a lot like a part of the song "Telephone Lines" composed by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra). Don't ya think?Pablo - Monterrey, Mexico
Hmmm, i love the way he says guns in this songanthony - North Cape May, Nj
easy song on guitar. pretty cool song thoHunter - Jones, Ok
Absolutely brilliantAaron - Houston, Tx
This song has a great music video.Scott - Boston, Ma
Well I wouldn't call it the best ballad, but It is a hell of a lot better than know your enemy. this sounds more like thier nimrod era and I like any album before american idiot.Matt - Houston, Tx
This is in my opinion is the best ballad since Time of Your life, if not better! Can't wait to see them July 3rd at the Key Arena!!!Peter - North Bend, Wa
This song and Before The Lobotomy are the best songs in the new albumRuncil - Mumbai, India
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