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Because I Got High by Afroman

Album: The Good TimesReleased: 2001Charted:
  • Afroman (real name: Joseph Foreman) wrote this as a joke for his friends. The song is about his experiences with marijuana and all the things he couldn't do because he was high. He said in 1000 UK #1 Hits by Jon Kutner and Spencer Leigh: "I wanted to take my negativity and generate something positive. I would wake up in the morning ready to take on the world and I was doing it, but then I got high and I messed around and I lost the entire day doing nothing." He added to Rolling Stone, "Some chronic weed inspired it. It took me two minutes and eleven seconds to write."
  • The first song Afroman released was called "Sell Your Dope" in 1999. You can see a pattern developing.
  • Afroman released this on an independent label in 2000. It got him signed to Universal Records, who released it the next year. The song gained a great deal of popularity when Howard Stern started playing it on his radio show.
  • The B-Side of the single is a song called "She Won't Let Me F--K."
  • This plays over the closing credits of the 2001 movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Recalling getting the call from the film's director Kevin Smith, Afroman said, "I was high and was like, whassup, dude."
  • This was included on Afroman's second album. His first major-label album in 2001 is a combination of songs from his first two independent albums.
  • In the UK, this was the most popular ringtone downloaded to British mobile phones in 2002. It beat out "Somethin' Stupid" by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman and "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" by Kylie Minogue.
  • In December 2001, a judge ordered a 17-year-old boy to listen to this and write a three-paragraph summary of the song after he was caught driving with a marijuana pipe. The judge also told him he was an embarrassment to his mother.
  • On the music-swapping service Napster, this song was huge. When a fan started circulating the song on Napster, it created a lot of buzz and led to Afroman's record deal with Universal. Many artists objected to having their songs swapped on the Internet, but for an unknown singer who couldn't get much exposure, Napster could lead to a big break.
  • This was a worldwide hit. It has sold over one million copies across the globe, and was #1 in Germany, The UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. Afroman was not able to follow it up with another hit, despite efforts like A Colt 45 Christmas and Waiting to Inhale. By the late '00s, he was on the college bar circuit, playing about 250 shows a year to frat boys with fond memories of the song.
  • In 2014, Afroman released the "Positive Remix" of this song, explaining the practical benefits of marijuana, including its medical uses. The release was timed to coincide with votes on legalizing marijuana in several US states.
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Comments: 35

I dont know what yuu people are smokin but i will voice my opinon...afroman IS the s--t,he does have a life and he is obviously very successful...he has produced 7 albums and possibly still going(hopefully)...none of yuu should say any negative comments bout him until yuu really do know him...there aint no such thing as too much weed.let him do his thang and yuu do yers...let him be him and yuu be yuu...he's making progress and much more.i beleive he does kno how to live and kno what he's doing....all yuu people that dont kno or like afroman i say, yuu dont kno music.:)Tamika - Anoka, Mn
something about this song just...let's me know what I'm doing after work tonightJames - New Market, In
Standin 'O', Jim from NZ!!! Yeah, God forbid anybody do anything to ruin the homogonous existence they've carved out for themselves. And if you're upset by this, go smoke a fatty!!!
And before all o' you 'long-hairs' get your knickers in a twist, I was smokin' the gange when most of you were pissin' in your diapers, so bite me.
Mike - Matawan, Nj
Geronimo Gisleson gets his salad tossed everyday...ya diggBalsac T. Bagher - New Orleans, La
jacob taylor likes balls to the face!Geronimo - New Orleans, La
afroman was at the gathering of the juggalos this year and he was funny as hellThy_frnicatr - Ft.worth, Tx
This song is friggin hilarious! And the meaning is realistic, too. If you listen for a minute you'll know that it's telling you that you shouldn't smoke because it will mess up your life, he's given an ample amount of examples to show this. You people, stop giving such immature and crewd remarks, because Afroman makes more money than you guys will ever make, and you all are just kids therefore your snobby opinion means nothing!Landon - Winchester, Oh
All you people who are saying things like "keep your negative comments to yourselves" and "Afroman-1 Communists-0", guess who it is that's practising censorship? (Hint: it ain't the commies!)This is an OPEN FORUM where all people can express whatever opinion they want, whether they are high or not. All that to say, get a grip. No one is spouting anything but opinions and they are entitled to them wrong or right.Jim - Christchurch, New Zealand
Wow I laugh at the immaturity of all you anti-drug people. If you don't like the song don't post all your negativity on the page, keep it to yourself and if you can't go post it on the D.A.R.E website. Afroman-1 Communists-0Steve - Boston, Ma
Some of you people take this song way too seriously! Afroman admits that his excessive use of weed is the reason for his undoing and while you're all there shaking your fingers at him he's laughing all the way to the bank. The joke's on you!Sam - Lincoln, Ne
This song played in Disturbia (2007, #1 in the U.S. box office for three straight weeks) in a non-drug-related scene.A.j. - Chicago, Il
I like how the drug user Afroman has really done nothing wrong, and all these elitist non-drug using a**holes post here and cut him and his song down. Who is the one with the most screwed up life?Stew - Canada, Canada
i could listen to this all day, high as hell thoughMb - Newburgh, Ny
I was smoking weed long before the song came out.
To Sarah from Canada, if you don't like Afroman then don't post a negative message.
Hyde - Steven's Point, Wi
Weed is not addictive, what is addictive is the sweets and chocolates you consume after taking weed.Luke - Manchester, England
In our health class at school they played this to us.Cara - Perth
i love this song.im not really a rap fan im more of a rock fan but this song is really cool.some people think this song is for losers who dream of wastin their lives on drugs but to me this song says"dont be like me and waste your life on useless stuff."make something out of yourself and listen to this song carefully.gettin high isnt a holiday,its something stupid that you will regret and if you dont regret it its because youre probab;y dead from gettin high.Helene - Staten Island,ny, United States
I use to know the man you guys called Afroman (I called his Joe). I use to live 3 blocks from him. I laughed my ass off when I heard his song made it to #1 in the UK.Nik - Palmdale, Ca
I don't smoke much pot anymore, but almost everyone i know does from time to time. All walks of life, all incomes etc. Its just not that big a deal. Better get used to it. (and i haven't always lived in "west amsterdam").Rob - Vancouver, Canada
LOL, please "Jesus" tell me how afroman is a marijuana addict when Marijuana is not physically addicting.Jeremy - Dalton, Ga
This song is a sarcastic tribute to the amotivational attitude that lingers after persistent marijuana consumption. Afroman is a marijuana addict who tells an autobiographical tale about being unable to achive in academia or in his sexual endeavors. His carefree drug-addict lifestyle is soon forced to reconcile with his responsibilities as an adult in contemporary society. Obviously, he has turned to a life of crime and drug dealing (one necessitating his flight from the authorities), to support his drug habbit. Afroman soon finds himself jobless, homeless, and without wife and children because of his insatiable appetite. The song closes with this insightful diatribe into his drug-abusing follies that have left him only a shell of a man.Jesus - Halifax, Me
This may be his only hit, but Colt .45 is pretty goodCody - Clarendon Hills, Il
I really have to say this has to be one of the worse songs that ive ever heard~! It makes no sense at all~!Danielle - Richmond, Ky
I think the song is somewhat funny but mostly stupid.Sarah - Ottawa, Canada
steph i went out and did some uhh ummm research and yeah while your high the song is annoying but only after the second and a half time opposed to the normal annoyance limit of 1/2........ Pass the culture , pass the peace, pass the FREEDOM!!!!Brandon - Panama City, Other
Talk about a one-hit wonder...Allen - Bethel, Ak
Why do I like this song? Because I got high...Matt - Millbrae, Ca
I love this song... It is stupid, but in a very funny way!Matt - Milton, Pa
talentless showing off by a bloke who looks old enough to know better - dont really care if you ruined your life through getting high - please dont ruin ours by continuing your recording career!Adrian - Merthyr Tydfil, Al
I have to wonder if those 'hip and with the kids' drugs educators would ever consider using this song to warn of the evils of drugs...Helen - York, England
Afroman has gotta be one of the best performers ever. This song is so the song of my life.Laurie - Cedar Falls, Ia
Was this tune actually part of another song? It sounds so familiar.Kristie - Kountze, Tx
In the video,it shows Afroman with Jay And Silent Bob,Smoking a huge Marijuana thing.Like Kamesha said,hes so uglyScott Baddwin - Edmonton, England
This song, along with the whole CD, serves as perfect window into the life of someone from Mississippi. It doesn't matter if you are black or white either. I'm from Mississippi and have actually got to chat with Afroman. I can relate to the cities and experiences he talks about in his songs. Small towns, predjudice, and partying is all true. If you want to learn about Miss. culture, this CD is perfect.Bid D - Columbus, Ms
This song is ridiculously stupid. I think Afroman took way too much weed when singing this song LOL. I totally hate Afroman by the way.Sarah - Ottawa, Canada
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