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I Can Feel a Hot One by Manchester Orchestra

Album: Mean Everything to NothingReleased: 2009
  • In an interview with Denver Westworld, Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra explained: "The way that song is written is, in the first half I'm basically just describing touring and kind of my relationship with God and my wife. And the end is about this dream I had about us being in the van and getting sideswiped and hit by a huge truck. I dreamed my wife was pregnant at the time and I lost her. But this life was inside her, and in some weird way I was able to celebrate that there was some new life coming with one ending." >>
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    Martin - Toronto, ON
  • This song was featured heavily on an episode of Gossip Girl (season 2, episode 3 "The Dark Night"). Keyboardist Christopher Freeman told Billboard magazine that featuring on the teen drama was a momentous occasion for the band. He explained: "The thing is, we watch everything. We watch so much television it's ridiculous. I was completely caught up in Gossip Girl when it came out. So to have our song played in the most epic break-up scene to date was awesome. We were all jumping up and down."
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everyone get simple math right now!!Caitlyn - Royersford, Pa
Q: Your lyrics seem to take religious imagery in rather odd directions. "Manna is a hell of a drug" recalls the blessing that God provided for His people when they were in the wilderness, but it also sounds like something Rick James might say if he lived during the exodus. What are you trying to convey through these sorts of songs?

A: (Andy Hull) That lyric is from the song "I Can Feel a Hot One", which i wrote right after getting off tour last summer. I had a few days off so my wife and I went to the beach and hung out and I kind of decompressed these emotions that you build up on tour. Touring is something that is hard on any relationship I have. Whether its with God, my wife, my family, or the guys next to me...its just always moving, never steady. Point being, towards the end of this tour I had a moment of silence in the back of the van and I cried and cried. Sometimes your body just has to cry and cry I did. It was 3am, and I'm covering my head in the back of the van so I wouldn't make a scene and I listened to "It's Hard to Find a Friend" by Pedro the Lion, a record I've listened to a thousand times before and a thousand times after...but that night it meant something more. There's an amazing line on that record that says, 'i would like to be you just for a few habit forming years laziness cuts me like fine cutlery.' And I was in so many words, moved. The song (I can feel a hot one) talks about that night and a combination of a few other 'losing it' moments from tour. All in all, manna is an amazing concept. The story goes that God gave them more than enough food to survive, but He required faith. If the Moses led group took more food than they needed just for that day then the food would spoil...and they continued to take more than they needed. That's kind of the perfect example of the way I stumble through life- always wanting more, never being satisfied, but continually being blessed for something I don't deserve."

from the march/april issue of relevant magazine.

Cherry - London, United Kingdom
I'm not sure why this song is so meaningful to me... I still can't figure out what exactly it's about. I've read different opinions and even different lyrics. A car crash? Abortion? Drug addiction? Suicide?
I don't know.
I just know I love the lyrics.
Well what I think the lyrics are.
Vanessa - Fort Worth, Tx
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