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Mama Do by Pixie Lott

Album: Turn It UpReleased: 2009Charted:
  • Pixie Lott is an English singer-songwriter. This was her debut single, which she released at the age of 18.
  • Pixie Lott explained this song to Digital Spy: "It's about sneaking out the house and going to see a specific person without your parents knowing about it. It's a really cool song because it suits my age and I can relate to it. I mean, there have been a couple of occasions when I might have sneaked out the house and not told my mum and dad."
  • Pixie wrote this song together with Phil Thornalley (best known for co-writing with Scott Cutler and Anne Preven "Torn") and Mads Hauge, who also co-penned Natasha Bedingfield's single "Soulmate."
  • This debuted at #1 on the UK singles chart, making Pixie Lott the first British female artist ever to debut at the peak position who hadn't emerged from a reality TV/talent series background.
  • Pixie told InStyle UKthat she loved filming the song's video, then added: "It was a really long day: 7.00am - 2.00am. And afterwards we all had bruises because one aspect of the dance routine involved slapping our thighs!"
  • Pixie let The Guardian August 27, 2009 have a peek at her diary. Here she notes her reaction when this song reached #1. "I was in bed at my mum and dad's, where I still live, in Brentwood, Essex. I was on the laptop, and I got a phone call from my A&R man. He really dragged it out. I said, "Please put me out of my misery." And he said, "I'm really, really sorry but... you're No 1!" I spent the rest of the day running around the house, screaming."
  • In our interview with Phil Thornalley, he spoke about his collaboration with Hauge: "We had a really great spell for three or four years, which was topped off by the success of Pixie. It was a shame Pixie never really had a chance in America because she looked the part, and they were great songs, but we could never get a proper release there. But it was a good time because Mads had so much energy and we had a good combination. As I was getting a little older and running out of energy, he came in with lots of energy, and it was good chemistry."
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Comments: 2

duffy was on the welsh version of pop idol. she came second.Lee - London, United Kingdom
i don't get it,
Duffy hasn't had a reality tv background behind her, and she went to #1. so you can't say Pixie Lott's the first ??
Daniel - Swansea, United Kingdom
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