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For Milton Mapes by The Broken Family Band

Album: BallsReleased: 2006
  • Now known as The Monahans, Milton Mapes was a band out of Austin, Texas, originally named after one of the members' grandfather. Their debut CD was released in 1999 to rave reviews from critics who compared their sound to Neil Young and Crazy Horse.
    Steve Adams of the Broken Family Band says they've become quite good friends with the band, and says "They're really lovely guys... but the title has nothing to do with the song." So why is this song named after them? "We thought that song sounded a little bit like them, and we were trying to sound a bit like them," explains Steve.
  • Regarding the line in the song, "all those haircut kids on the Indie rock underground," Steve declines to expound on the topic, saying that he was genuinely angry when he wrote it, and "no one could ever benefit from me talking about it." He says this is the only song he's written when he was angry that he's actually kept, and doesn't remember exactly what he was talking about at the time, "but it was to do with a specific event." (Read the full interview with Steve Adams)
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