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Shout At The Devil by Mötley Crüe

Album: Shout At The DevilReleased: 1983
  • This was written by Motley Crue's bass player Nikki Sixx. In the band's biography The Dirt, Tom Zutaut, who signed the band to Elektra Records, explains that Sixx was exploring Satanism at the time, and wanted to call the song (and the album) "Shout With The Devil." Zutaut was having a hard enough time getting the label to promote the band, and he knew the title would make it an even harder sell, but Sixx was determined to go with the devil theme, telling Zutaut: "It just looks cool. It's meaningless symbols and s--t. I'm just doing it to piss people off. It's not like I worship Satan or something."
    When Zutaut saw Sixx 2 nights later, he witnessed a knife and fork rise off the table and stick into the ceiling. Zutaut writes: "I looked at Nikki and freaked out. 'There is no more 'Shout With The Devil.' If you keep shouting with the devil, you're going to get killed.' I truly believe that Nikki had unknowingly tapped into something evil, something more dangerous than he could control that was on the verge of seriously hurting him. Nikki must have realized the same thing, because he decided on his own to change the album title to Shout At The Devil."
  • This wasn't released as a single, but it quickly became one of Motley Crue's more popular songs and a live favorite.
  • In the line, "My head's spinnin' round and round, but in the seasons of wither, we'll stand and deliver," "Round and Round" and "Seasons of Wither" are references to Aerosmith songs. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alec Thorp - Yorktown Heights, NY
  • A spoken-word track called "In the Beginning" leads into this song on the album, and was typically played at concerts. Written by Nikki Sixx, "In the Beginning" is a menacing monologue that explains how evil has overcome good, and it was now time to "Be strong and shout at the Devil."

    The track was credited to "Allister Fiend," a character Sixx came up with. It was voiced by engineer Geoff Workman.
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Who in the Motley Crue organization wasn't at that time?
Jason - Aurora, Co
zutaut was probably on drugs..or not, who knowsLilyibanez - Los Angeles, Ca
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