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Places To Run by Jake Owen

Album: Startin' With MeReleased: 2006
  • "I love this song," Jake Owen told us. "A lot of people don't ever ask me about that song." So we'll let Jake tell the story:
    "It was on my first record, and it was actually the first song I ever wrote in Nashville with two other people. I wrote it with my producer, and the first time I ever met this guy named Kendall Marvel. He came in, I'd never met him before, and Jimmy told me all about him and said he was a good guy, and he'd get what I do.
    I used to like Merle Haggard - I mean, I still like Merle Haggard - but he had a song back in the day, it was called 'Going Where The Lonely Go.' And it was kind of like a… (singing) 'Rolling with the flow…' and it just had this kind of easy feeling to it. But it was a song about love lost and going where the lonely go. I wanted that same feeling, and I had this little melody and I played it. I just had that first line, (singing) 'I lived all my life,' and it's cool - Kendall came in and he was like, 'I love that.' And we just started taking it from there.
    And there's really only a first verse and a chorus to that song. There's an instrumental, and then there's a chorus again. And it doesn't say a whole lot. Just this guy saying he lived his whole life and no ties ever bound him, and he never thought he'd be able to settle down until he did find her, and she said essentially – and I've done this in my life, I've had a girlfriend tell me before, 'You're too busy in what you're doing. If you don't show me some sort of attention in other aspects of the relationship, then it isn't gonna happen.' And sure enough, I ignored it, and she went away. And I regret that. And that song has a lot of regret in it. But I think it really represents a great melody, and a great country song. It just sounds very timeless." (Check out our interview with Jake Owen)
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