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Pretty in Pink by The Psychedelic Furs

Album: Talk Talk TalkReleased: 1981Charted:
  • Richard Butler explained the song's meaning to Mojo magazine November 2010: "The song was about a girl who kinda sleeps around, and thinks it's really cool and thinks everybody really likes her, but they really don't. She's just being used. It's quite scathing."
  • John Hughes named his 1986 movie after this song. Starring Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy, and Jon Cryer, Hughes wrote the plot around the song's lyrics, but according to The Psychedelic Furs, he muffed the meaning. Richard Butler recalled to Mojo how this song got co-opted onto the Pretty In Pink movie: "We did the song (on 1981's Talk Talk Talk), and were very pleased with it. It wasn't that we were disappointed it wasn't a hit to begin with - at that point, we didn't know what was going on, or whether any of them were singles or whether we were that kind of band. A few years later, Molly Ringwald took it to John Hughes and said, 'I love this song, we should use it for a movie.' He took it away, listened to it, and wrote Pretty In Pink, which totally got the whole thing wrong. It was nothing like the spirit of the song at all. It's really hard to say whether it was damaging for us. I suppose we got tied in with the story of the film, and if that's what people thought the story was about, and didn't look much further than that, they were getting a very false impression."
  • The group recorded a new version of this song for the movie with producer Chris Kimsey. This version was re-released with the film in 1986 - five years after the original.

    When the song was first issued in 1981, it hit #43 UK and did not chart in the US; the re-release charted at #41 US and #18 UK, but its American impact was far greater as the movie became a classic of the generation.

    This new version was mixed to make the song more appealing to a pop music audience. The original includes much rougher, edgier guitar riffs, and the closing, barely audible lines are muttered by Furs lead singer Richard Butler as though he's ruminating in stream-of-consciousness style about Caroline while he's in a drunken haze. The remix has more polished, more upbeats riffs, and while the same lines are included in the trail-off, a louder riff plays over them to make them even less audible and make the overall effect more pop and less bitter. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    S.D. - Denver, CO
  • This was one of the first "New Wave" hits of the '80s. Other British bands like The Pet Shop Boys, New Order, and Bananarama had success with the synthesizer sound that was catching on in the US.
  • The band was a six-piece when they recorded this song, and all six members got a songwriting credit on the track, which ended up being a big deal when it was used in the film and re-released. Here's the lineup:

    John Ashton - guitar
    Richard Butler - vocals
    Tim Butler - bass
    Vince Ely - drums
    Duncan Kilburn - saxophone
    Roger Morris - guitar

    As for how the song came together, Tim Butler told us: "We were in a studio for three weeks writing Talk Talk Talk. Some of the band had gone home; it was later in the day and I think Duncan and Roger, because they lived in the same area, they'd gone. It was just me, Richard, Vince and John. We were just messing around, and the initial riff of it came up. Usually, we'd play an initial riff and Richard would say, 'Wow, that's cool! Carry on. Do something else.' We would just work round and round it and experiment. That one came pretty quickly."
  • This was The Psychedelic Furs biggest hit in the UK. In the US, their only Top 40 was "Heartbreak Beat," which hit #26 that year.
  • The original version was produced by Steve Lillywhite and mixed by future Cure producer and pop songwriter Phil Thornalley, who gave Songfacts his opinion of the later mix: "I thought the later one was great. The main thing was that they finally had some worldwide success. I worked on the first two Psychedelic Furs albums, and I just didn't really ever imagine that they would achieve that kind of breakthrough to that type of success - it was a very arty kind of band. That new version of 'Pretty in Pink' probably did them really well in terms of making a living."
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Comments: 13

Where the HELL is Love My Way!!! Thats there best song! This is an awesome tune as well.Jon - Enumclaw , Wa
who was caroline? I"m pretty sure she was beloved by the band or the writer of the song. She was a friend and her death was a painfull loss. Was caroline transgender? pretty in pink.Elizabeth Schafer - West Long Branch, Nj
Ugh. Put the FIRST version of this song on the site please. This version is AWFUL. It has none of the great, raw feel that the original has. The sax adds NOTHING to the song. It sounds too polished. I have to go strangle a budgie now because of hearing this. I agree with Scott, where the hell is LOVE MY WAY on this site????Mike - Matawan, Nj
I've read that the song is about one night stands (see also "I Just Wanna Sleep With you" and "Into You Like A Train" also on the "Talk Talk Talk" album)which seems to make sense - she's "pretty in pink" because she's naked, "these cars collide" a metaphor for a passing sexual encounter. Whatever, I think we all agree the film was wide of the mark!!!Ross - Leicester, United Kingdom
the lyrics are incomplete. Does anyone know the lyrics over the ending?Billy - Albany, Ga
Love the Furs.Quintessential 80's song from a quintessential 80's band.By the way,where the heck is "Love My Way" on here ?Scott - Baton Rouge, La
I understood that this song was written about a popular transexual prostitute living in London during the late seventies.Michael - Wallington, Nj
Molly Ringwald was a huge Furs fan, and she listened to them a lot on the set while filming Sixteen Candles. She played the song for her director, John Hughes, and it inspired him to write the movie.Maria - Philadelphia, Pa
I think its about this girl who dies in a car crash and the guys who she slept with wear hear clothes that are pink.Stacey - St.petersburg, Fl
I love the song and I think its about this girl that dies and the boys sleep with and I think she dies in a car crash cause the last line in the 6th verse is "These cars collide".Stacey - St.petersburg, Fl
The song may have a darker side as Jade suggests. Richard Butler said that "pink" meant, "naked," and the song was about being, "naked." He may have meant that Carline was au naturel. The scene sounds like a brothel or bordello, and she sounds like a prostitute, but the lyrics are more likely to be influenced by William Burroughs' cut-up style of writing. Richard Butler always mentions Burroughs as his greatest influence. His other lyrics certainly deserve to be covered by Song Facts, as he is one of the most original songwriters of the New Wave era.Michael - Memphis, Tn
The remade version that accompanied the film had additional horns in the mix. The original is more guitar driven (and far superior, I'd say). Some of these lyrics are unforgettable: "The one who insists he was first in the line is the last to remember her name"Rob - Santa Monica, Ca
This song is about a girl that this group of boys all used to have sex with. One day, she commites suicide wearing a white dress (that turns pink from the blood), and they all take turns wearing the dress.Jade - Sterling Heights, Mi
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